Try to stretch the beard for one month in the life of the NES Chapter 2 May 21, 2021- (Updated every 5 days) June 20 update

Try to stretch a single month in a nest life Chapter 2

We will extend from April 30, 2012 to May 20, and the blog's articles will be longer longer, so I will upload it as Chapter 2!
And since this time, the picture can be viewed side by side and clicking one picture to be displayed.

When it extends so far, it turned out that there is no change even if it updated every day!
So I will go from now on every 5 days!

May 26 (currently on the 27th day)
Hmm ... I have not changed much last time.
It has been steadily long, but there is no change to that point there ...
I will further extend it more!

May 30 (currently 32nd day)
It is steadily growing when you look at the angle from the jaws!
If you look at the front jaws, you can see that it is flowing to the right with the hair flow of the beard!
It may be necessary to have MoustacheWax (Big Wax).

June 05 (now on the 37th day)
If you get this head, it will not know much change even with every 5-day update!
There is a lot of feeling that you grow up when touching the beard yourself!
I will stretch

June 10 (currently 42 days)
I do not feel a feeling that the beard is long!
However, if you extend it so far, you have felt loneliness and saying that "shaving" is good!
It still stretches!

June 15 (now 47th day)
I do not feel a sense that the beard is longer than the 40th day!
Something is wrong with the beard
And it is Toriko to the feel of this Fuwa Fusa!
If there is a thing that you passed yesterday, when I met a friend after a long time, I saw a beard from the mask, and it is said that "Bamboo, old?" · There is also that. I thought.
It seems to be younger who shaved
I still stretch out!

June 20 (currently 52nd)
We broke through the 50th that I entered the first area!
Every time there is some reason I'm touching the beard = I'm getting squeezed!
I can not say this I can not say Fusafusa's touch
I will still grow up!

The page until last time is here!
Trying to extend a beard for one month in a nesting life From April 30, 2012 (daily updated) May 20 (a lot of photos and sentences have increased!)

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