I tried to reset the beard stretched for a week in RESET!

A new razor releases from the razor muskker Schick together on a daily basis!

The name is also RESET.

The way of thinking of this razor is interesting in the first place.
Ordinary razor is shaving every day! Is a standard, but RESET stretched about a certain extent (a very extending beard is impossible ...) shave at once!
If it is a regular razor, it is not good to shave a beard that stretched to some extent to the blade and is not good at a blade and it is not good for the blade of razor. . . .
It can be done!
It can be said to be a petit love revolution!

I tried to actually expand the beard for a week while exciting!
And I think this recently stretches the beard! I'm planning to plan, so I'm growing even if I look at one week's beard! ! There is no feeling that I feel.

I immediately put a bubble and shaved a beard!

I always leave the beard under the nose and my mouth and my mouth, so I will shave and shave the other part there.
Shaving from the cheek to the jaw = shave.
A beard stretched for a week is Susu. Remember pleasure to be shaved and shaved!
It is said that it is actually the same hardness as the copper wire, and it is about 0.4mm one day when it comes to one week✖️ 7 days = 2.8mm!
By the way, the hair of the hair is said to be 0.3mm!
2.8mm is a great enemy for the blade of the razor! Great hardness!
That's a pleasant shave without feeling the resistance, such as getting caught in this razor!
This is really surprised.
I thought that it was one of the three shaved elements.
I felt the evolution of razor again.
Kamisori changes from tools used daily to tools to use as needed!
I thought it was just at the moment.
And the shaved image!

What to give up is really surprised to use this razor!
It is not possible to shave a great long beard once, but it is very easy to shave about 10 days if it is about 10 days for a week!

I want you to shave a beard with a little stretched as a characteristic of razor! This is fun to enjoy the evolution of razor!
Of course, daily use can be used.

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