What! I received a gift from SCHICK

The latest razor has arrived from SCHICK to Mr. Kami!

Moreover, it is called DM from CCC (Culture Convenience Club).

CCC, who runs Tsutaya, is also a customer.

And SCHICK is also a customer.

Last month, we also promoted the razor that SCHICK gave us.

No, this is nice

Let's use it carefully!

But it's not addressed to me, so ...

Let's tell Kami the goodness of the product and tell him to use it carefully.

Promoter without permission (my impression)

Of course, the sharpness is good, but after all, with the best sharpness

It is characterized by being gentle on the skin.

The gel box attached to the top of the razor dissolves in water to reduce the tingling sensation.

It makes it slippery and protects the skin when shaving.

In addition, the gel box can be moved backwards to remove small parts such as the lower part of the nose and sideburns.

Can shave

If you lower the gel box back, it will be locked with the razor so that the replacement blade will not move.

You can use it with confidence.

The gel melts a lot in the first 1-2 times, so I felt "Wow, it's amazing." But from the 3rd time

The melting of the gel has matched the calm feeling

Why don't you experience Schick's razor today on the weekend?

Can I buy it at a drug or supermarket near you?