Comfortable Shaving Refleshes Your Day!

Humanity has developed a variety of cultures since ancient times that have occurred on this planet, but with beard shaving, it has evolved from a variety of staircases to the shaving of kamisoli, and it has evolved from ancient to modern times, especially after the remarkable development in the mid-18th century, and has been on the way to today.

Today, shaving is becoming essential not only for men, but also for women who continue to pursue "beauty." I think that important issues for us living in the Explosive Modern Society in the information society are how to regain human nature and to live like a human being.The Camisoli Club has been established to offer the theme of "Yutori" and "beauty" on the theme of this issue, and to provide more people to the people.

The Camisoli Club is mainly aimed at actively providing information services and sales of shaving items to users with specialized special-specific specialization, which pursues the essence of shaving and the strong echoes.

Today, shaving practices such as shaving men and women's shaving are already habitual in daily life, and many people, regardless of age or gender, are subject to the practice, but they are not generally concerned with these tracky acts, and are not subject to the topic of conversation.
For example, most users of these types, types, and brand names are not known to the tools used at shaving time, especially in the bodies of the Kamisoli.I feel lonely, and I feel lonely, compared to other areas of commodities.

Under these circumstances, the Camisoli Club is called " Comfortable Shaving Refleshes Your As a result of this, the catchphrase will be used as an opportunity to enhance the awareness of shaving in the catchphrase, as well as to actively expand and carry out the sales of shaving know-how and tools such as how to use shaving, as well as the sales of shaving sets for presents, such as how to use the shaving style, how to use tools, and other consulting services, such as how to choose the shaving.

The shaving of beard is a day-to-day act that is only observed in man, especially for men, and thus the cultural nature has been overlooked because of the repetitions of simple motions.The Camisoli Club remembers the idea that shaving is an act that allows us to find out the origin of human culture, and that we will promise us the "swallow" that is required in our modern social life, which is extremely busy."

Now, it is a good idea to have a shaving of shaving shaving in shaving and shaving, as well as the basic manner of Etiquette.The Camisoli Club will continue to serve as an informative information disseminator for users, and to encourage users to be loved and trusted by their users with the pride and responsibility of their users as a base for their various shaving goods.What do you say to me, please say hello?

Mr. Kamiseori, President of the Club of the Rakubu Club
Yasuoki Takeuchi

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Second, Japanese kamisoli material (Obisteel)
The third story: The great transformation of a casirimaker in the early 21st century
ENGLISH (History and Culture of Shaving in Japan)
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Brief Personal History

1942, June 15, 1942 He was born in Tokyo.
1966 Graduation of the Business Studies Department of Rikkyo University
1966 Father (Kinzo TAKEUCHI), company, Sanbo Shoji Co., Ltd., joined the company.
1967 Product Development, Export and Import Affairs
1969 New Chief of the Weights Marketing Agency
1971 Home-dispersed hair and a nationwide development of the Kamisori Baisan
1981 Kyocera Corporation, a kitchen knife, and a knife jointly developed by the company
1984 The appointment of the president of Sanpo and the tenster group
1993 President Clinton (at the time) received a signed and signed photo from U.S. President Bill Clinton, who contributed to the import of U.S.-made-carb.
1994 Publications of Kamisoli, "Camisoli Shiki" (History of Camesian)
In 2000 In October, he established a capital tie-up with K Company and established the new Camissol Club in Nanaosan.
In 2002 He left Sanpo Trading Co., Ltd., a company affiliated with Kusha.
In 2004 His father, Kinzo Nagasone, who made efforts to internationalize Kamisoli.
In 2005 His late father, Kinzo no Sotoba Commemorative "My Father's Life"
2015 He spent seven years and introduced a science room in 38 countries around the world."World Barber Tour"