Even if "", there are "bear beard", "Hohohihi" and "Kuchade". In English, "Beard" "How Car" "Mustache" is also "Hobe" "髯" "" in kanji. Now there is a symbol of the individuality and it can be said that it can be said that it is a fashionable symbol, but in the old days it was different from now. Because it is only men who are not a woman, the history can be said to be a man's history. I also enter my own homogeneous argument, but I would like to make a sense of history with history.

From occurrence to Buddhism

First of all, the story of the prehistoric age. You can imagine that this roller was not a style.

If the eyebrows grow as a fine, it was life as an adult. However, since the average life expectancy would be short, it will be a subtle place, such as the modern, symbolizing adults. However, if you think from the life of that time, the eyebrows will be the existence, such as parasites and disturbances during meals. Since the stolf that was excavated in various places was cut off, it was more cut off, which was shaved to the current razor. This can be said to be true until the Jomon period and Yayoi period. In addition, in the evolutionary process of humanity and eyebrows, Mongoloid, which has moved to a cold area, is also found in the process of degrading the eyebrow, as the eyelashes become frozen.

When I was in the Asuka era, I was brought from the continent to Japan, and I was brought from the continent to the continent, and it seems to have been used in the ceremonial ceremonies shaving as a legitime. From around this time, the general public is also shaved to shave the beard, but the razor seems to have been a legal tool and generally not used. It seems that you used the tools at that time. Also, it seems to have been common to remove and adjusted with "crispy" that was transmitted from China.

From the Muromachi period to the Edo Shogunate

When I entered the Muromachi period, my hairstyle at that time? As a result of shaving the month (Sakayaki), the outcrop is beginning to be established, and the person who used the razor for shaving the month is said to be Oda Nobunaga.

However, because the razor was still expensive, the common people seemed to be the moon due to hairsticks, and it seems that it is painful. At that time, I was usually not told a briefing, but I had to say "Katsuhi De" to prepare the majesty in the official. Takeholder also unplugged and gently shaped the shape to adjust the majesty. At this time, it seems that the chopsticks were often taken from the convenience of the 胄.

When it comes to the Sengoku period, the eyebrows must praise as a symbol of strength. Especially, the warlords good with "beard man" and so on. It is reported that he has made a crucible with that Toyotomi Hideyoshi. By making it happen, I felt so much for the impression of watching things, and I would like to be preferred in the times by the side of the eyebrow that makes it difficult to see the mind by hiding the face color.

And, as the world is gradually settled, it is said that it is said that it will be shaved with a razor from the operation of generally removing it. When it is the age of Kaminako (1684-1704), the beard is a big fight between the common people. In a sense, it was an enthusiastic and a thin person who is an enthusiastic person, and the thin person was attached to the person who has solidified with the pine and album, and there was a person who draws the eyelids on the face. The fashion of the eyebrows is gradually escalated, and a good type that is called a cum is also appearing, and it can be imagined that the town of the town has overflowed with various coffins.

The Tokugawa Shogunate considered this epidemic "harm" was a prohibition "Great Conditions" to prohibit the ability of the elderly, except for the elderly in 1670 in 1670. Ultimately, after thoroughly the punishment, it will have a powerful finger from the Edo period, and the majestic flee from the Echigo will disappear.

From the Meiji period to the modern

In the Meiji era, the spirit of civilization will happen and the European Culture started to penetrate the Western culture again, and it was actually fashionable to the common people. The early Meiji Early was an officialist, and a scholar, a teacher, a profession with dignity at the time, and people in the position. Unlike the Sengoku era, it was devised not only to make a rose but also to fit the person's face shape.

The Russo-Japanese War, World Wars and Japan will also be rushed into the era of turbulence, but even though it is ironic, the eyebrow is also a symbol of the majesty as a symbol of dignity. At that time, "Kaisel Beard" that makes German emperor Wilhelm II among the soldiers, is awarded to be wandering.

And after the end of the war, the beards are still preferred for cultural people, financies, etc. as a symbol of the style. However, while it is a high growth period, and the people who work at the company will be a company, the tendency to prohibit the beards in the company rules, workplace, etc. will gradually disappear.

Bubble era ends the end of the end, and it celebrates an individualist's age that can be said to be outper from the previous organizational economy. In that modern Japan, you can see the traps of a pandemic of a baby boomer who supports young people and altitude growth terms. This is the difference between the Meiji period, as well as the Meiji era, and it is the beginning of the new eyebrows.




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