Do you like the shaving of a barber shop? You may not have to shave every day, so you may have to shave, but that's the time for the man to be in good fortune.I'm going to introduce you to the points and the guds of shaving where you feel comfortable in your home at home.

  1. Easy at home, steaming, towel, barber at home#1
  2. Using Shevingbrushes-Barber#2
  3. A two-tier shaving cup has a translation ~ of you, barber#3

When you enter the shop, a steamed towel is put on the face of a barber's face.I love it! It looks like I'm going to give you a quick ride on the towel of the hokhoka, but the towel was originally about 80 degrees, and it contains moisture, so it's like pinch hot water.It is actually a skilled technique that makes it easy to put it on the face and cool it up to a comfortable, comfortable temperature.

Effect of steaming towels before shaving

To put a steamed towel on your face is not just pleasant, but also effective for a comfortable shaving.

  1. make a foul with by opening a pore with a warm vapor
  2. The vapor gives moisture to the back of the heiger and softened.
  3. replenishment of the skin to the violin of the skin to reduce the loss of the cackerel
  4. It's comfortable with temperature and humidity, and it gets better.
  5. Relaxation Effects

It is very important to give water to the jigge before shaving.

For details.Using shaving brushesSee also

However, I think there are many people who give up at home because there are no machines that make towels or keep them warm, and here you will find a way to make a towel easily at home.

  1. moisten the towel and narlight it lightly
  2. In a dipproc (which can be a plastic bag), place the water by 20cc and put the towel in the towel as before.
  3. Close the bag, put it on the plate, and warm it in a microwave oven by 90 seconds. (Please adjust it with your taste)
  4. If you open the bag once and you have warm hot air, you can take it out of the bag and narrow it slightly.

When the temperature is a pleasant temperature, it is complete.Take a moment of bliss on your face.

When you feel warm, you will be able to control the temperature by 30 seconds each.If you stay too hot, you may be burned to burn your attention.