Do you like the shaving of the barber shop? As you are shaving yourself every day, there may be some people who don't have to shave in the barber room, but there is a time for the man's bliss. We will introduce the point and goods of shaving that can taste the sort of sorting room at home.

  1. Easy Steamed Towel at home-Barber # 1
  2. How to use a shaving brush-Barber # 2 at home # 2
  3. There is a translation in a two-layer shaving cup ~ Barber # 3

When you enter the store, a steamed towel that the barber will fit on the face. I love it! It looks like you can easily carry the towel of Hokahoka, but that towel is originally about 80 ° C and it contains moisture, so it is likely to be hot water. It is actually a skilled technique that it easily puts it on the face and cooling to a comfortable moderate temperature.

Effect of steaming towel before shaving

Put the steamed towel on the face is not just likely, but also for comfortable shaving.

  1. Float the dirt by opening the pores with warm vapor
  2. Steam gives water to the back of the beard and soften
  3. Substitution to the skin of the skin and reduces the razor loss
  4. Blood circulation is improved with comfortable temperature and humidity
  5. Relaxation effect

It is very important to giving moisture before shaving.

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However, I think that there are many people who give up because there is no device to keep the steamed towel, and there are no devices that keep warm, but here we will introduce a way to make steamed towels easily at home.

  1. Doat the towels into water and narrow down lightly
  2. In the zip lock (may be a vinyl bag etc.), about 20 cc of water and put the towel earlier.
  3. Close the bag and put it on the plate, get 90 seconds in the microwave (Please adjust as you like)
  4. Open the bag and put it out of warm water, put out of the bag and narrow down a little after a bit.

Completed if the better temperature. Please put on your face and bliss.

When I felt like I was lovable, it is good to adjust the temperature for 30 seconds. Please note that there is a risk of burns if it remains too hot.

A classical shaving set that can experience traditional shaving with steamed towel




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