Right method and knowledge of the lady's shaving that a woman barber conveys

In the razor club WEB site, I had cooperation to three woman barbers played an active part on the site of the hairdressing coherent to the area and, in 2018, began the information dispatch in the woman glance newly. It is skin care and hair to be worried about and, not to mention a thing about the lady's shaving, asks about the various story including knowledge and the art of the hairdressing judging from a woman glance.

Misato Tanaka
Barber career nine years (as for the former work a beautician)

Violet HAIR/ Nagoya-shi
The small downtown area salon only for two couples.
The master wins the establishment of a business for the fourth generation more than estimated 120 years.

Shaving coloring or shampoo of the & Lady's mainly men's as for the charge. I always think that not only I cut hair, but also want to continue being in a salon healed until a heart.

Shie Kashiwazaki
Barber career 25 years

Hair salon たばた/ Yokohama-shi
It is two salon with the master.
It is 50 years in this land.

It is a face sled, a men's esthetic clinic, scalp care, the optional menu charge including the head spa. I love I polish a visitor and to heal it.

Yasuko Kashiwa
Barber career 26 years

おん Hair:Relaxation/ Kanazawa-shi
It is a salon as of a patch with the master for business of establishment of a business 1900 for the fourth generation.

The charge is in charge of the face そりなとの skin care of the woman who is [care of the subtraction] in the private room in the salon. [cut] [shave] is means not a purpose. I pay more attention carefully and want to develop the true purpose of the visitor.


The hobby of Tanaka found his/her way to by a beautician is visiting movie viewing, art museums and LIVE. Kashiwazaki who has the one side of the calligrapher is playing an active part as a writing brush shop of the lecturer / writing brush letter shop of the writing brush letter pop. And, as for the advice from the woman barber who pastel art and the drawing for coloring therapy have each personality with going Kashiwa as pastel art instructor "bean jam", and is experienced, not only the woman but also a man is unmissable.