・Masahiro Ohashi Masahiro Ohashi
・Date of birth May 5, 1967 49 years old
・173cm tall 62 kg in weight
・Hometown Yorii-machi, Saitama
・Present address Yorii-machi, Saitama

It is to the parents who moved to Yorii-machi having neither the relationship nor the connection from Asakusa with the birth "Ohashi barber shop" second generation.
Originally there is that I longed for the world of the entertainment
I make use of the vitality from school days and pull it as "regional activation business" leader of (normal two years) for exceptional ten years for the local commercial and industrial meeting youth group era.
While acting as the "YFC ヨリイフィルムコミッション" representative which I invite a movie, a drama greeting the tenth year this year (2016) and photograph it, and cooperates now
As "a barbershop and the public bath place modern version of the intelligence" where is traditional with stock argument called "a merchant entertainer of the town"
I link two pairs of straw sandals of the entertainer (and the actor) to a barber and aim at the existence of the one and only.
The hairdressing shop of Yorii where parents entered at Japanese oldest movie theater "electricity hall" Asakusa that was a place of onset (nationwide development) in "selling a shop with stocks and all"
There is that it was a shop of the son management of the Saitama "electricity building" owner accidentally
I feel a mysterious "relationship" for breeding of own that a movie theater was an amusement place than childhood.

[media exposure]
《 movie 》 ゆうばり International Film Festival exhibition product "radio D" (to a costar as for the advice of the mustache), "great war by propaganda of 2 idol is dead non" (supervision offer appearance with mustache & シェイブドヘッド being bought)
"The older brother of the flower" (hair design charge)
I am late and bloom (hair design charge & CAST)
《 TV 》 TBS "N studio" (I collect an own store by the matter that Venus charamela uncle has shaved a mustache), telephone coverage (about a mustache ban of the Heisei) by Asahi National Broadcasting
《 radio 》 "Kumagai-ya by radio" (about a mustache and a movie)
《 newspaper 》 Yomiuri Shimbun, Saitama Shimbun
《雑誌》MEN’S CLUB、Lightning 2nd
《 trade journal 》 プロフリケイ, hitoiki

[the event results]
Lightning Festival, ivy shop household appliance shaving grooming event (※ supplement:) "Razor product" lecture charge) for Urawa ivy shop bookstore sales forces,
"I wait seminar" Yorii-machi, Kumagaya-shi ("I wait, and a seminar" is mustache seminar & baldness seminar)※"Wait seminar" national-scale store society business)