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Higge Club

We are professional performance group of beard design.

The hige club is a club that creates "the culture of leaving the beard" and "the razor maker who makes the shave" and "shave maker that makes the shave shaving".
It aims at the design which does not become popular with the adult for the adult culture of the beard culture in Japan as a traditional thing by considering the idea in which the cutting tool is handled, and "sum" as a Japanese.

The hige club member is a performance group that is a professional of a barber and has the request of a company and talent from the enterprise and the talent, and performs the explanation while doing explanation properly.

In addition, the awareness of the general user is deepened to "adult affairs", and the after follow-up in the home is enlightened. It is on the scene as "keyword" as a keywordI will promote the exchange of the business opportunity with various other industries from the network which made various companies related to the craftsmen and manufacturers, the various companies related to the rational industry.


As a feature of the drama, the press, and the variety program, it is a method of the horrors' trouble consultation, the method of the care of the beard, etc. Recently, the design of the beard of the actor who plays the person with the beard appearing in the drama of the special program which needs the background of the time, the movie made.


We have received coverage of men grooming from various newspapers and magazines. The most frequent coverage is how to trim worms. The hige club is good at trimming the worms and trimming the beards in each, and recently, the coverage of the web site relation is increasing.


Barber, the men grooming, and the beard care event, the hairdresser's professional will understand the new products of various companies and communicate to the media and the general public.
The beard club members are knowledgeable about the history of the razor and history of the beard, so please leave it in peace.

Establishment June 15, 2006
Motive Dedicated to total care focusing on beard
Business purpose The pursuit of mustard culture, guidance of the livelihoods, related instruments, sales of books
Business contents Manufacturing technology, product manufacturing, information exchange, and enterprise explanation
Features A professional color performance group
Basic philosophy Meet customer needs and wits, offer higher attractiveness and satisfaction

Contact information regarding the interview

Aboriginal Yokohama higge Club
Shin Ishikawa 2-13-18 grace BINO 101, Aoba Ku, Yokohama
Phone 045-878-9588 Inquiry form)
Kamori club, Inc (担当 : 竹内)


Suzuki kiyoyuki