Company history

The history of the razor club has been published as a content.

1903 Suzumori safety razor plant
1938 By the national total mobilization law issued in the wartime, Suzumori safety razor factory and factory closure
1939 In Tokyo Sakata motosama CHO, a high-end cutting edge wholesaler
1948 It is transferred to the kinzo Takeuchi warehouse, Nihonbashi kodenmachi. Changed the company name to Sanho Trading Corporation in
1949 Join the sales agency of Japan safety razor industry
1960 Arrival of trade liberalization of razor, jillett, rice chic, etc
1962 The cutting edge is completely liberalized, and it enters the period of the razor market crisis, and Sanpo business tackles the United States chic
1965 Chic cutting edge advertising "15 barber recommended durability of stainless steel blade"
1966 Sanpo business
1968 It started trading with a major mass dealer after the circulation reform. Ito Yokado, Daiei, nishitomo etc
1970 It is devoted to the development and dissemination of the chic blade type leather
1980 Market share at that time, chic 69.8%, Gillette 10.2%, feather 9.4%
1989 Gillette, chic, UK Wilkinson, and others
Gillette, chic, Wilkinson, feather, and others from the other head representative to the company chief Kanzo, thanks and December 8th
Takeuchi kamisori culture museum was established in Harajuku.
1992 The kamamori cultural museum was moved to Hashimoto, Japan. Besides the cultural business
1994 I received the Autographed Photograph of President Clinton by the contribution of American razor import
2000 Capital and business partnerships, K Yasuki, and chairman of Sanpo Trading
Establish a newly born razor club in Minami Aoyama, and start a high-level razor production and market development
2006 Hijiri culture is a shaving tool, a handicraft, a molding, a peasant colleagueHigge ClubEstablishment
2014 Aoba Ku YokohamaShowroomOpen
Barneys New York Yokohama storeBarberOpening