With the razor defeat

When I shave hair with a razor, I shave off skin more than required with hair, and a razor defeat is that inflammation such as "a state, bleeding, the itch that I had a sore" is caused on skin.

The razor club introduces a cause and the measures of the razor defeat for "the mustaches" in the point that is outstanding in hair in particular.

What is the cause of the razor defeat?

There are a lot of causes of the razor defeat, but the representative thing is four of follows.

  1. Taking the tonsure and procedure of the mustache
  2. Condition of skin coming from fatigue and dehydration
  3. Problem of the holder of the razor
  4. Quality of skin of the material

But, it is thought.
"1" "2" thinks about measures by oneself and can evade a razor defeat by performing right wet shaving (shaver), but the advice of the tidy doctor is necessary for the problem of the skin except the cause of the normal razor defeat about "4" because it is thought.

At first, in this page, I comment on right wet shaving (shaver) not to lose by a razor as measures of "1" "2". Please try the one where wet shaving was given a wide berth for fear of a razor defeat.

And finally, "a shave is a ceremony of the man だからこその morning not a troublesome act"! と is nice if you can feel it. 


"Dry shaving and wet shaving"

The shaver which needs the water using the razor with the wet shavingであり faces each other andShaving dry with a shaver not to use the water forI say と. I assign a knife to skin directly, and the wet shaving can shave off the old keratin with a mustache with a sharp blade, but becomes a cause to cause a razor defeat when I do not include water in skin properly. On the other hand, the dry shaving cuts it by the blade which a hole puts a mustache in a net blade had free into a a spot form, and turns with a high speed motor. That mow 剃 るではなく 芝刈 りのように definitely; is imaged.

In people having a problem for a razor defeat here and the last that had wanted to enjoy wet shaving more comfortably, and read it "the shaver is a ceremony in man だからこその morning not a troublesome act"! と is nice if you can feel it.

▼ I confirm a flow by an animation

※There is no sound. It becomes the silence animation & double speed.

1. I get a face wet before shaving a mustache

The mustache is in a dry state, and there is hardness same as copper wire. When I shave a mustache with a razor with a mustache being in a firm state,Resistance occurs to the blade and lifts skin with a mustache and shaves the epidermis together and bleedsI do it. ItCause of the razor defeatにもなるのです.

To prevent a razor defeat; at firstImportant one soak a mustache with water. When the mustache includes water, I expand by approximately 40% and soften. The cutting with the razor becomes in this way easy.

At first I soften a mustache by face-wash before the shaving. I wash my face with hot water and tepid water carefully to soak a mustache with enough water. At this stage, it is all right only with hot water without using the soap.

As for the water, warm one adds to water absorptivity. That comfortable hot towel having pick him up in a hairdressing shop makes it easy to soak a keratin at the same time that steam opens the pore and gives you water to the depths of the mustache, and to shave it; have a meaning.

How to make hot towels made at homeBecause you introduce も, please try it.

2. I do not put a direct razor on the skin

I become a cause injuring skin when I put a razor without adding anything to skin.I acquire soap or a shaving cream form by all meansIn a thing,I will complete one piece of film on a razor and skin.

Here, I introduce a method to beat soap in a shaving brush. While not only I make merely bubble, but also this trip scrapes out the back dirt of the pore with a brushI soak it with water to the depths of the mustacheWith ので, natureA close shave worksThere is ようになるという meaning.
In addition, because the point of a brush of the brush massages the surface of the skin, metabolism becomes active and will be that it is on good fresh and young healthy skin of the blood circulation.

Therefore it is a shaving brush of the badger hair to recommend. The feature of the mustache brush of the badger hair is that hair in itself is thin, and a bubble is very in comparison with the kind of other mustache brushes careful.

It has a lot on a shaving brush more

I dissolve a shaving mug cup or the soap on the palm with tepid water and bubble on a face with a shaving brush of the badger hair. I get a brush part wet and soak it with water moderately and beat it while picturing a circle in a soap.

It has a lot on shaving mug Cup more

I move a brush like a photograph in spite of being a beating for an image to rub a soap into the tip of the brush up and down and soak hair with air and put up a smaller bubble.

I beat it as if drawing Japanese yen with the brush which I rubbed soap into well over cheeks.

3. I do not put a blade many times without laying emphasis too much

When put a razor; at firstIs extra; without laying emphasisI run under the chin from cheeks, and let a razor slide,Along the direction of the mustacheWhat I shave it and drop is important.

Resistance more than required occurs to the blade of the razor, and skin is drawn out when I put a blade on the cross direction suddenly. The pulled skin may be sharpened with a mustache.It is said that it is effective in raising metabolism, and keeping healthy skin to sharpen sebum and an old keratin moderately, but the skin receives damage when I sharpen skin and becomes more sensitive than required.
Of the razor defeat have a sore it; a reddish tinge and the swelling are damage of such a skinIt is caused when similar.

In addition, skin becomes easy to be damaged by just that much when the number of times to shave increases.I do not shave it many times little by little and am big in one strokePlease keep it in mind to keep it. By the barber termI perform only mustache taking the tonsure below from the の top and say that I do not do reverse taking the tonsure from the cheeks which I shaved for the flow of the mustache to the chin bottom with a one shave. There is few it and finishes the burden to skin if I can finish it in a one shave neatly.

As for "the hard mustaches of a bottom, the face line of a bottom, the nose of cheeks, chin モミアゲ"The person taking the tonsure of the beginning by all means along the direction of the mustachePlease shave it off.

The one leaving a mustache keeps the part to leave intact and shaves off a small part. The person shaving all will shave off the chin part for the retainer of the nose in the same way.

When I shave it with a disposable light razor,I shave it by the strength and weakness of the power not to aim at and stayBut, to occur, and to cover itI shave surplus reverseをしてしまうことがあります. In repeating the reverse taking the tonsure that is apt to give a close shaveI hurt skin,Cause to cause a razor defeatとなります.

I stabilize money by using the razor with the heaviness moderately and shave off a mustache by order taking the tonsure neatly,The big point that it does not hurt skin to minimize reverse taking the tonsure, and does not lose by a razorになります. Please try to shave it off by constant pressure while feeling the weight of the razor.

4.When do reverse taking the tonsure; once again soap

"I reverse shave it" against a flow of the hair this time on from the bottom and do a place to be worried about an unshaved part if I shave off the whole below from the top.

Reverse, shaving it is apt to come to have a big burden to skin.Most people will be freed from a razor defeat if I do not perform this "reverse taking the tonsure". However, there is the feeling that I left unshaved by all means slipperily because there is not さは.After when I perform reverse taking the tonsure, attaching the soap which is a lubricant to the skin once againI perform it, and let's shave it in pinpoint not to give skin useless damage as much as possible.

It is an art I move around 45 degrees from the direction of the mustache, and to shave. I weaken resistance with the skin and reduce a burden to skin.

I pull skin to the center with a hand opposite to the hand with the razor, and the surface can shave a mustache neatly when I expose it.
But, please keep it in mind so that a blade and skin reduce an area to come in contact in shaving it, and the one putting such a burden on skin as much as possible.

5. Without rinsing it out well, and forgetting aftercare

After having finished shaving,It is the face-wash of the rinse wellIt is running out of a をすることが size. Let's rinse out a face with hot water (tepid water) well.When an ingredient of the soap keeps on having attached to a face; a cause of the skin roughnessにもなります.

As some skin felt hot, I may have heat. In such a case,It is effective to use cold water for the last of the rinse. I let an opened pore close with tightening the skin which flushed and am effective in showing the whole face sharply.

てす refreshing as for tightening skin with a lotion in alcoholic germicidal after in the summertime. But, as for the skin after the wet shaving (shaver), there is a small flaw on skin with a razor without enough the fat of the face by soap just a little again.When the face of own which is reflected in the mirror has no wound, but attach a lotion; "しみるー!" There is the となる case, too.

If you have sensitive skin, there may be strong irritation, so in that case, we recommend that you take proper care of it with an alcohol-free type or milky lotion.

When it is even drier in winter, it is a good idea to choose a moisturizing milky lotion type, especially around the mouth.I (Takeuchi) with sensitive skin are painting the mentor's or mentholatum before and after shaving.

6. Sometimes rest the skin

The evolution of razor technology is really amazing. There is a razor that is gentle on the skin that engineers are working and there is now. However, no matter how the razor evolves, the condition of the skin changes every day.It's rough, isn't it?When you feel it, it is also recommended to use consecutive holidays to prepare your skin without shaving your beard. Of courseEven men need daily skin care even if they don't shave.

In addition, when shaving, when the condition of the skin is not excellent, it is also recommended to shave only in order to avoid the burden.




Now that you've reviewed the correct wet shaving procedures, here are some other things you can do:

Razors that are too light are dangerous. A firm holder.

The cause of the razor defeat "3 .The problem with razor holders"Light razors push the blade with unstable hand pressure, causing skin damage and razor loss.

I often hear from customers that they lost razors when they used razors installed in hotels.

This is not a bad razor blade, but anything related to the weight of the razor holder.

If you use a holder that weighs moderately, you will shave off the beard under the weight of the entire razor, so there is no more pressure on the skin than necessary.

On the other hand, if it is a light holder, it is not the weight of the holder, but the power to convey it to the holder by hand is large, and more pressure is exerted on the skin than necessary. Because the hand is not stable, the skin is scraped off more than necessary with the comb without knowing it.

When using a light holder, if you are conscious of not adding as much force as possible, you can prevent razor loss and finish it pleasantly. In addition, we do not recommend reverse shaving to the weak skin at this time.

Razor with a large number of sheets for those who are prone to rough skin

It is easy to think that the more the number of blades of the razor, the more effective the deep shave,The higher the number of blades, the more pressure each blade exerts on the skin is dispersed, reducing the tingle feeling and allowing you to experience a more comfortable shaving. If your skin is delicate, it is a good idea to choose a razor with a large number of blades.

If you want to taste the real thrill of an old-fashioned razor, double-edged, two-blade.
As a razor that is gentle on the skin, three or more blades are recommended.

It is ideal to replace the replacement blade in 1 week to 10 days.

The replacement time of the replacement blade is about 7 to 10 days (use once a day) is ideal. Ka (The razor has a very thin blade (cutting edge 0.0001 mm) and will cut as many as 20,000 to 25,000 beards every day. The blade itself is damaged every time it is used, which can cause fine scratches on the skin.

In addition, when shaved in reverse, the resistance to razors increases, and at the same time as the beard, even the skin may be raised and shaved off, but the same thing happens when shaving using a blade with poor sharpness. 

In order to keep the skin healthy, let's know the standard of the period of use.

Trim cutters are also available

If a trim cutter is attached to the back of the razor replacement blade, it is also recommended to make good use of it.A razor with four or five blades is not particularly good at small parts of the area because of the thickness of the replacement blade. If you're shaving all your beards, it's a good idea to use this trim cutter for things like the under-nosed part.

Shaving in the morning is recommended.

Because the rose extends most from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., it is recommended that shaving be done in the morning. It is recommended in the morning to taste the exhilaration.
As an aside, in a special feature on the BBC channel in the UK, people who do wet shaving in the morning, it seems that the data that the tension of applying a knife to the skin is less likely to become cerebral infarction by giving a signal to the brain.


I have told you a few points to avoid losing razors, but the condition of the skin and the nature of body hair are different depending on the individual, and the difference is not small.
Based on the above contents, we hope that you will pursue the method of care that was in each of you in the future, and you will be able to experience comfortable shaving in your daily life.