What is ripping

The razor load is to shave the skin more than necessary with body hair and shave hair using a razor, and it is to cause inflammation such as "Hile Hythemic, Hemorrhage, Itching" to the skin.

In the Kamisori Club, we will introduce the cause and measures of razor leakage, for "Big", which is particularly noticeable in body hair.

What is the cause of razor loss

There are many causes of razor loss, but there are four typical ones.

  1. How to shave and procedure
  2. Skin condition from fatigue and dewatering symptoms
  3. Kazori Holder Problem
  4. Original skin

It will be considered.
"1" "2" thinks about measures against itself, and it is possible to avoid razor loss by doing correct wet shaving (shaving), but for "4", the skin other than the cause of normal razor loss There is also a need for advailability for doctors.

On this page, we will first explain the correct wet shaving (shaving) that does not lose razor as a measure for "1" and "2". If you are far from wet shaving, please try if you are reluctant wet shaving.

And finally, I would be glad if you could feel "shaving is not a troublesome act but a guy is a morning ceremonial ceremonial!" 


"Dry shaving and wet shaving"

Wet shaving is a shaving that requires water using razorAndDry shaving without waterIs called. Wet shaving can be the cutter with a blade directly on the skin with a sharp blade, but it can be shaved with a beard, but it may cause kitin and moisture to cause a leakage to cause a lizard. On the other hand, dry shaving is cut into a blade with a hole in the spot in a spotted blade and cut by a rotating blade with a high speed motor. It will be an image of cutting like mowing, not just shaving.

Here, if you read the people who have trouble with razor and the people who have read wet shaving more comfortably, "shaving is not a troublesome act, not a troublesome act, but it's a morning ceremonial ceremonial ceremonial?" I'm happy.

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1. Wet the face before shaving a beard

The beard is dry and has the same hardness as the copper wire. When the beard is a hard state, shave a beard with razor,The blade is resistant and the skin is brought together with a beard and the skin is shaved togetherI will do it. that isCause of razor lossIt will be.

First of all to prevent razor losingIt is important to include moisture into a beard. Big is about 40% expanded and softened with water. This makes it easy to cut in razor.

First of all, the eyelid softens with a clean face before shaving. In order to include enough moisture, I will clean my face in hot water and lukewarm water. At this stage, it does not use soap, and it is all right with hot water.

Water is warm to increase water absorption. A pleasant steaming towel that will be made at a barber shop, the steam opens the pores and gives moisture to the back of the beard, and at the same time it means that the horny shave is easy to shave.

How to make a steam towel that can be at homePlease try it as it is introduced.

2. Do not put razor directly on the skin

If you put a razor without putting anything on your skin, you will hurt your skin.Be sure to wear soap and shaving cream formByLet's put a membrane on the skin and the skin.

Here, we introduce how to bubble soap with shaving brush. This process is simply made to make bubbles, but also while scraping out the dirt of the pores with a brushInclude moisture at the back of the eyebrowsSo natureDeepenThere is a meaning to be like.
Also, the hair tip of the brush makes it possible to massage the surface of the skin and it will be active and will be a good healthy skin with good blood circulation.

For that purpose, it is a shaving brush of anaguma hair. Anaguma Hair's Burushi is a feature that the hair itself is thin and very grilled compared to the type of other beard brush.

More about shaving brushes

Melting the shaving mug or hands flat soap in the lukewarm water, and use anaguma hair shaving brush to foam on the face. Wet the brush part to cover the moisture properly, and bubble while drawing a circle in the soap.

More about shaving mugs

While bubbling with the image that rubs the soap at the tip of the brush, move the brush up and down as shown in the picture to include the air into the hair and make a finer foam.

In a brush with a well-rubbed soap, we will bubble to draw a circle on the cheek.

3. Do not put too much power, and do not give a blade many times

First of all when you apply the razorWithout extra powerTo slide the razor from the top of the cheek, slide the razor,Along the direction of the eyebrowsIt is important to shave off.

If you hit the blade suddenly, you will have more than necessary resistance to the blade of the razor and the skin will be pulled. The pulled skin may be scraped with the beard.Subboles and old keratins are moderately scraping metabolism, but they have the effect of maintaining healthy skin, but if you scrape the skin more than necessary, the skin is sensitive to damage.
Razor leaking, redness and swelling, such skin damageIt is triggered by

Also, if the number of shaving increases, the skin will be easily damaged.Rather than shaving many times in small steps, it has a large one strokePlease keep in mind to keep it. In a barber termIt is called one sieve that only shave shave from the top to the bottom of the bald to the bachin of the beard and does not take a loose brille. If you can finish clean with one she, you will also have less burden on your skin.

"Hard beard of the nose, a hard-looking fly line under the cheek, ago, momaage"The first time shave is always along the direction of the eyebrowPlease shave off.

If you leave a beard, leave the left part as it is and shave the fine part. If you shave all, let's shave the lower part of the nose and the jaws like the same way.

If you shave with a light razor of disposable,Unintended power strength and cleanedAnd to cover itExcessive wayMay be By overlapping the take-up that tends to be deepSkin hurts,Cause of causing razor losingIt will be.

The hand is stabilized by using a reasonably weight razor, and the beard is shaved to be able to shave as a shaving.To minimize the way of the way, it is a big point that does not hurt the skin and does not lose razorBecome. While feeling the weight of the razor, try to make a shaving with a constant pressure.

4. When you take a way, you will be soap again

Once the entire whole is sliped down from the top, the place of shaving is anxious, this time from the bottom to the bottom of the hair to "take a loose".

The side of the screen tends to be burdened on the skin.If you do not do this "no", most people will be released from razor loss. However, there is no chipping, so there is a sense of shaving.If you do a way of taking a wake, after putting a lubricant soap on the skinLet's shave with pinpoint so as not to damage the skin as much as possible.

It is also about 45 degrees from the direction of the beard. Reduce the resistance with the skin and reduces the burden on the skin.

You can pull the skin centrally with the hand with a razor and shave cleanly if it exposes to the surface.
However, since such a shaving is burdened on the skin, please keep in mind that the areas where the blade and the skin are only touched.

5. Do not forget your after-sales

After shaving,Firmly washed faceIt is important to do. Let's rinse the face with hot water (lukewarm water).If the component of the soap remains attached to the face, the cause of rough skinIt will be.

It may have heat as skin slightly fired. At that time,It is also effective to use cold water at the end of the rinse. At the same time, the open pores are closed while tightening the skin, and the entire face is shown to be sharp.

Summer is also refreshing to tighten your skin with alcoholic bactericidal afterlotions. However, the skin after wet shaving (shaving) is a lack of fat of the face by soap, and the skin is slightly scratched with razor.There is nothing scratched on your face reflected in the mirror, but if you put a lotion, it may be "Shimiri!".

Since sensitive skin may be stronger, it is recommended to take care of alcohol free or milk.

The further dry timing of winter chooses a moisturizing emulsion type, especially to wear a milk, especially around the mouth.I'm sorry for the sensitive skin (Takeuchi), and I put a Menthom or Menzoretum in front and back of the shaving.


6. Time to rest your skin

The evolution of the technology of razor is really great. There is a skin-friendly razor that is now working hard and now. But no matter how much the razor evolves, the condition of the skin changes every day.It is roughWhen I felt I feel holidays, I would like to use a consecutive holiday to prepare and raise my skin without shaving. of courseEven if you don't shave, daily skin care is a man.

Also, when shaving, when the skin condition is not good, it is also recommended to avoid the burden and make it only a synchronization.




If you check the correct procedure of wet shaving, you will also mention other points.

Light razor is dangerous. A firm holder

Cause of razor loss "3.Kazori Holder Problem "Although it is also related to the light razor, the skin is painful or razor losing to push the blade at the pressure of the unstable hand.

You often hear the story from customers who "I lost the razor when I used the razor installed in the hotel."

This is related to the weight of the razor's holder, not the blade of the razor.

If you use moderate weight holders, you will be able to shave the eyelid with the weight of the whole razor, so it does not take more than necessary the pressure to give it to the skin.

On the other hand, if it is a light holder, it is not a holder weight, but the hand to be transmitted to the holder is large, and the pressure more than necessary will take the skin. Since the hand is not stable, it will scrap and remove the skin more than needed with the bearded with no knowing.

When using a light holder, it is aware that you can not add as much as possible, and you can prevent razor loses. In addition, we do not recommend the need for the skin weaker.

The number of razors for those who are easy to rough skin

The more the number of razor blades, the easier the shield works,Since the pressure on the skin is dispersed as the number of blades is more than the number of blades, the feeling of the skin is dispersed, so the sense of sickness is reduced and more comfortable shaving can be experienced. If you delicate your skin, it is good to choose a razor that has a large number of blades.

If you let the taste of the old-fashioned razor, double blade, 2 sheets.
It is recommended that more than 3 pieces of blades as a skin-friendly razor.

Exchange blade is ideal for 1 week to 10 days

It is ideal for about 7 to 10 days (use once a day) for replacement of the spare blade. MosquitoMisoli is a very thin blade (the cutting edge 0.0001 mm) to cut a total of 20,000 to 25,000 bottles daily. The blade itself is damaged every time, and it may cause fine scratches to the skin.

In addition, at the time of the way of the way of taking a wire, the resistance to razor is large, and the skin may be lifted up to the skin at the same time, and it may be shaved off, but it is also possible to shave the blade with a bad cut-off blade. It happens. 

Keep the purpose of the use period, also to keep your skin healthy.

You can also use trim cutter

If a trim cutter is installed on the back of the spare blade of the razor (razor), it is also recommended to use it well.Four-sheet blades, 5 sheets of razor are particularly thick, so small parts of area are not good. If you are shaving all the beard, this trim cutter should be used for the nose part etc.

Morning shaving is recommended

Since the eyebrows will extend at 6 o'clock to 10 o'clock in the morning, shaving is also recommended to do shaving in the morning. The morning is also recommended to taste the exhilarating feeling.
As an appeal feature of the BBC channel in the United Kingdom, the people who do wet shaving will introduce the data that the tension that applies the cutlery to the skin gave a signal to the brain.


As mentioned above, I gave some points to avoid razor, but it can not be said that the nature of the skin condition and body hair is a personal part with individuals by individuals.
Based on the above contents, I would be happy to pursue how to care for each of the future, and you can experience a comfortable shaving in daily life.


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