[Notice of closure]

This time I closed the showroom with the end of March 2021.

In the future, we plan to partially renew the warehouse in Inagi City and open the studio.
Thank you very much to everyone who came to the store for eight years.
We will send out online focusing online
Thank you for your continued patronage.


In the Kamisori Club, we worked on the theme of "Yuri" and "beauty", and we worked on the spread of shaving and the spread of products. This time, I opened the Kamisori Club Annex (Annex) as a place to see the product close to the product. On Annex, not only the introduction of the product of the razor club, as well as trying and worries about grooming, etc. The goal is to be one of the outgoing bases, which will be more enjoyable, more wonderful than the Japanese appearance. Please feel free to stop by.

※ There is no need for a beard by a barber and a shaving service.
If you have a requestBarber (Barneys Barber's Shop by Kamisoric Lub148)Please apply.

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