to a journey around Barber's memory

Photojournalists spent seven years intermittently traveling to the barbershop in 38 countries around the world, publishing the material that was taken as 'THE WORLD BARBER TOUR'.


I'd like to look at the world's scales,
Everyone would have thought so once.
Not in tidyly recorded photographs or words,
I feel the breath of life.
I thought it would be directly related to the knowledge of clothing, food, and living.
Among other things, Barber has a variety of climate, religion, and ethnicity.
Like the aggregation of culture,
A glimpse of people's lives was spreading.

It was in 2008 that he started covering.
total travel distance 60,000 km,
The number of barbers who met is over 500.
And the global depression and conflict, etc.
Even though it is in a sudden change,
The rich look of a barber who lives hard,
It's a story about the diversity of climate and culture,
I was able to get into several dramas.

The material described here is
It is no exaggeration to say that it is the present place of the world.
Photojournalists intermittently overlap the passage,
I spent seven years
Now, the WORLDBARBER TOUR is a bunch of people
By opening it to your eyes,
I'm trying to pick up the finale.

Excerpts from the text.


We spent about seven years traveling around the world.
And while touching a lot of people,
Complex emotions buzzed and left a few notes.
Not only information, but also in the handwriting of emotions.
Every time you're going to evoke the imagination of the reader,
It makes you feel like you're actually traveling.

Also as a conductor in the story,
They're not going to be able to
I took the technique that readers could enjoy by replacing themselves.
Photojournalists shot
Needless to say the persuasiveness of high-definition photography,
This is a way to make personal illustrations and infographics
By weaving in place,
The harmony between reality and fiction
It's an untired accent.

I want to decorate it as an interior in a corner of the room
conscious of the tasteful texture,
On the cover, you put a cloth cloth on it, and put a silhouette on the sign pole
I was in a hurry.
Two spins, red and blue, mingle with the white on the page,
I've been homaged to Barber, who has been in the world
Please enjoy the playfulness of design.


Specification: Hardcover (a luxury specification with cloth cloth on the cover)
A5 edition
full color 256 pages
Price: 3,800 yen (by tax) hanging on the skewer.
ISBN: 978-4-908501-00-5
Author: Yasuki Takeuchi
Editor: Kato Makoto, Nishiko, Kunihiko.
Design: Nishiko Kunhiko
Illustrated: Ihuku Kazuhiko, Wakabayashi, Itsuki
Writer: Kato Makoto.
Cooperation: The Razor Music Department of the Hideo Club


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