Professional Barber Teaching, a neat morning shave and razor.
You can shave your skin with a little tip and device.

Introducing it is a shaving that uses a shaving brush (Burushi), as it is a classical shaving technique inherited from a predecessor, but it is also a shaving that requires a timeThe morning shaving will be comfortable by using a little tip and a little time.

"Dry shaving" and "wet shaving"

Wet shaving is a shaving that requires water using razorAndDry shaving without waterIs called. Wet shaving can be the cutter with a blade directly on the skin with a sharp blade, but it can be shaved with a beard, but it may cause kitin and moisture to cause a leakage to cause a lizard.

On the other hand, dry shaving is cut into a blade with a hole in the spot in a spotted blade and cut by a rotating blade with a high speed motor. It will be an image of cutting like mowing, not just shaving.


1. 20 minutes from getting up in the morning and take water

It is recommended that wet shaving do not do it immediately and do not immediately take a cup of water into the entire drink (the best after wake up).

The skin of the morning tends to lack moisture. A sharp knife razor that is a sharp knife will reduce the damage to the skin by giving moisture from the body.

2. Give moisture to the beard

While the eyebrows get wet, it will be very soft, but the time will be different depending on whether the water is included in cold water or in warm water. It is still hot that water absorption is warm and soft. It is ideal to include warm water for 3 minutes. In addition, the beard is expanded about 40%, which is easy to cut, which makes it easier to cut and reduces the burden on the blade.

3. Do not directly blade on your skin

Use soap shaving cream shaving form. Do not add anything to the skin, and be sure to cause the condition to use the rough skin.

Here we introduce how to use soap and shaving brush. Soaps can also help razor when the razor hits the skin.

Melting the soap on the cup or hand flat with lukewarm water and foam on the face using anaguma hair shaving brush.
In a brush with a well-rubbed soap, we will bubble to draw a circle on the cheek.

This stroke is not only making bubbles, but also brushes, so that she will work with moisture in the back of the eyelid while scraping out the dirt of the pores. Also, by massaging the surface of the brush, metabolism becomes active and maintains a deep healthy skin.

4. From the top to the bottom of the beard "signing"

The razor will shave along the direction of the eyebrows to slide from the top to the chin without extra power. Be sure to shave the first shave, which is the first shave, which is the first shave, which is also the beginning of the "Hard Bear of the Nose and Face Line" of the cheek, ago, fir ghost.

If you hit the blade suddenly, you will have more than necessary resistance to the blade of the razor and the skin will be pulled. The pulled skin may be scraped with the beard, which causes a leakage loss.

5. From the bottom to the top "take care of"

If you remove the whole from the top to bottom, you will be concerned about the spray of hair from the bottom to the flow of hair from below and "take a shave". If you do "take a", let's shave after putting soap that is a lubricant again, and shave with a pinpoint so as not to damage the skin as much as possible.

【one point】

If you shave with a light razor, it may cause an excessive way to cover it and cover it with the strength of unintended power. This also causes the skin to hurt and lose razor. It is a large point that does not hurt the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin without pain in the skin and keeping the skin with a certain pressure and cleaning the bribe with a certain pressure and cleaning the bribe with a certain pressure.
Feel the weight of razor and try to shave off with a constant pressure.

6. Do not forget aftercare

There is a scene that wipes off with a towel as it is in a foreign film etc., but this is NG.
It is not possible to wipe off only the towel that the shaved brush is adhering to the foam. It is an unsanitary and the components of the soap are adhering to the face, so it also causes the rough and blown matter. After shaving, be sure to have a face with hot water and lukewarm water.
The skin after shaving is a lack of fat of the face by soap, and it is slightly scratched on the skin even if it is slightly slightly due to razor.

It is also good to tighten the skin with a bactericidal-resistant alcohol-to-lotion, and it is recommended to make the skin sensitive or care for milk with alcohol free. Products that recommend from the Kamisori Club is an Old Spice after-Shave Fresh. A further dry timing of winter chooses a moisturizing emulsion type, especially to coat carefully to rub around the mouth.

Those who are skin sensitive, those who are durable are each person. We recommend that you understand your skin firmly and care properly.

As noted above, the lifetime of the blade is greatly different depending on the individual difference and the situation. First of all, I see my own shaflais and check the shave taste, and it will be the largest factor that allows you to identify the lifetime of the blade. In my case, the above is done and replaced at a percentage of one more than two weeks. Please refer to everyone, and I think you would be able to shave as long as the replacement blade has.



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