Refund policy

About selling price

Sales prices are displayed (display price / consumption tax included).

Necessary rates other than the product price
· Transfer fee for purchase by transfer
· Cash on delivery fee for purchase by product cash on delivery
·consumption tax

Payment time and method of price (consideration)

Credit card payment, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, carrier payment, and payment can be selected.

Special matters about returned goods

(1) Delivery time
What is stocked will arrive within one week after delivery order on the next shipping date.
(2-1) Reason for returned goods
It is unused (basically the same as delivery).
Product labels and laps of hand wraps etc. are basically not accepted.
Please feel free to contact us if there is a point of use about using razor or rough skin after it is opened and used.
This is not a reason for returning, but we will support as much as possible for how to use razors and advice on skin care.
(2-2) Return condition
You can not receive a return exchange that has caused contamination and corruption under customers.
In addition, we hope for a commodity exchange for custom-made, named engraving, etc. for customers for customers, and returned goods except for the reason for having a defect.
(3) Return condition
During 7 days of delivery, we offer me to our company.
If you are a reason for scratches, defective products, shipping goods mistakes, etc. will be paid. (However, it is limited to unused.)
(4) Return shipping cost
If you are a reason for your convenience, such as an order mistake, image difference, please note that shipping costs related to return will be borne by the customer.
If you wish to return for your convenience, please contact within 7 days after the product arrival.
(5) Defective product
If the initial defect is discovered after use, the limit is limited to 30 days. Subsequent correspondence will be "repaired".
(6) Defective product exchange deadline
During 30 days of delivery, we offer me to our company.
(7) Defective product replacement shipping
Our burden. However, if there is no such product, it will be a free repair.
(8) Confirmation of purchase
However, if the initial defect is known when you use it, the limit is limited to 30 days. We will arrange for picking up from our company.
(9) Please note
The following is not covered by the warranty within the warranty period.
· Failure caused by use other than the purpose of the original use or misuse method
· Handling careless failure
· Failure due to unfair repair and remodeling
· Failure due to accident or disaster
· If there is no guarantee presentation
· If the warranty card is purchased, the store name, the store name, or the address of the address, or if the word is rewritten
· Moving changes such as scratches generated during use

Time to hand over the service or product

We usually deliver it on the desired date you specified for your customers.
After applying for the delivered date, we accept it between 4 business days and 60 days.
If you are out of stock for imported products, there is a risk of getting the days of 60 days at the longest.
If the desired date is not selected, we will ship as soon as possible.

Names and contacts of business operators

Company name: Kamisori Club, Inc.
Name: Takeuchi
Address: 〒 201-206-0823
Inagi City Hirao 2-54-5
Opening hours: 8:00 to 17:00
Contact: 042-350-6051
Email Address: