Standard Classical Shaving Inherited from 1903 Looking Time


A razor that enjoys old-fashioned time

In 1965, the Kannon opening ceremony (butterflyo open) was released by Schick.

We have been newly created in 2001 renewal model

Open to turn the lower part of the hand holder in the Kannon opening ceremony
If you wear it carefully and close the blade, you will start shaving
Both blade razor which is a prototype of safety razor.
We will slowly shave with his razor weight while exploring the blade of razor and the hit of the beard with your own hand.
Since both are blade, it can be taken up with the opposite blade after making a synchronization.
Old-fashioned classical razors Want to enjoy the morning ceremonies over time?

Set of razor and stand standard
There are 10 spare blades
Razor Weight 88g Height 110 mm Width 13 mm
The spare blade is made at the Schick Zorlingen factory
It is replacement time but recommended exchange in 12-14 days

Contact us about your settlement method.
After entering the product, you can choose your payment method after entering your name, email address, address, etc.

I can have you buy the handling product of the razor club in the following shops. Because the stock situation, business / sales system varies according to each shop, please use it after confirmation beforehand.

Barber's, the showroom is open, too.

It is a shaving video that the razor club cooperated in taking a picture.

[Schick] was chosen as the best person. Chic Hydro Custom Barber


Chic Classic Double Edge "Your New Classic" Shaving Style /Image

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