CarBONE 205 SHAVINGSET (4 blades with a blade of a blade)

¥20,213 ¥26,950
The new model that we finally got from Italy.

Camisoli, Blasi Stand, Mag Cup, I've made a soaped, soaped set of leasnabs.

The design of carbon-tonal design is designed to appeal to the heart of the octopus.
It's characterized by a cyonic tone.
The Sick Koutro 4 and the Five-Specs Kamisoli Club.
I can use both Sick, Quattro, and 4 blades and five blades.

RAZOR height (mm) 165 Height (g) 70
STAND Height (mm) 120 Diameter (mm) 110 Depth (mm) 110 m (g) 125
Materials resin, brass, meckle.

Height (mm): 115 weight (g) 115 HANDL part 60 (mm)
Material resin, brass, brass, machined, hole, silver chip, silver chip.

I can have you buy the handling product of the razor club in the following shops. Because the stock situation, business / sales system varies according to each shop, please use it after confirmation beforehand.

Barber's, the showroom is open, too.

It is a shaving video that the razor club cooperated in taking a picture.

[Schick] was chosen as the best person. Chic Hydro Custom Barber


Chic Classic Double Edge "Your New Classic" Shaving Style /Image

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