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[Free name entry] 777/Razor Club Limited case, grooming grooming tool kit! Razor Club Original Gift

Sale price¥3,850


777, famous for its high -quality glooming tool maker in Korea.
World standard tools are well evaluated by people around the world.
There was a transaction since the predecessor era, and when I was working for a knife trading company that my father had previously run, my boss told me.
There is a famous American grooming manufacturer
The 777 was the first manufacturer that the manufacturer made OEM abroad and was told that the quality and design standard value was high.
In the case of the synthetic leather, each one has a beautiful design and high quality tools.
This time, it was released by creating the original special specification of the razor club.

And we will give you a name in!

1. Samaru scissors.
It is designed so that it has a good sharpness and the tip is rounded and the delicate part is not damaged.
2. A nail clipper with a cover to prevent nails.
Clean, clicking. And the sound of cutting the nails is comfortable.
3. Hair removal that extracts unwanted hair and thorns.
Since the power is processed to join the edge, it can be easily pulled out with a small force.
4, nail file with one two sides.
There are both coarse and fine -grained, so if you use the fine in the final process with the coarse, you will have a beautiful finish.
5. Cutty Curt Rimmer, a petit sculpture of the sweet skin you care about.
The cut -shaped cut -shaped cut trimmer is pushed out with a spatula at the end of the steering wheel and cuts it off with the tip sculpted sword.
6. Cuticle clipper that easily cuts sashimi.
A cuticle clipper with a diagonal edge that easily cuts the white part of the sweet skin, the white part of the sweet skin.
Since it is stored in one case, you can use the tool if necessary.

This is a rich quantity, so it can be prepared as a gift item for gifts and events.
Please feel free to ask because it is a quantity discount product.
It will be a different model type, but in a bridal gift catalog of a famous luxury select shop
We are ranked 2nd in popularity ranking in the year
JAN 4571144841706


名入れはローマ字筆記体・ブロック体・漢字・縦漢字・ひらがな・カタカナなどの彫刻が可能です。文字数はローマ字で20字 漢字などは15字くらいまで可能です。詳細なご要望がある方は別途メールでお知らせください。

  • イラスト彫刻は内容が細かさによって彫刻が出来ない場合もございます。 ご希望の商品とイラストを拝見した後、ご連絡をさせていただきます。

  • 名入れの文字・内容は受付後確認のメールをお送り致します。発送までに7営業日程度のお時間をいただく場合もございますのでご理解願います。

  • 名入れ彫刻はご利用のお客様へのサービスで行っております。対応内容には限界がございますのでご了承願います

  • 下地のコーティングにより彫刻箇所の文字の見え方がサンプルと異なる場合がございます
  • 東京・千葉・埼玉・神奈川 550円
  • その他関東甲信越・富山・東海近畿地方 660円
  • 福島・石川・福井・中国四国地方 770円
  • その他東北地方 880円
  • 九州地方(一部除く) 990円
  • 北海道 1100円
  • 鹿児島 1320円
  • 沖縄 2000円

[Free name entry] 777/Razor Club Limited case, grooming grooming tool kit! Razor Club Original Gift
[Free name entry] 777/Razor Club Limited case, grooming grooming tool kit! Razor Club Original Gift Sale price¥3,850



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