House EDITIONWHITE EDITION with great classical shaving set schick extreme time


Classical shaving set where you can enjoy shaving with dare time
I made a Classical kit of 5 SCHICK extremes released in February 2021!

If it is a regular price, it is ¥ 12,000 or more, but it will be limited to WEBSITE, but it will be released in ¥ 8,800 that you want to enjoy the shaving time in the razor.

Bliss shaver that is meaningful and luxurious.
The old-fashioned classical shaving warms up with a towel, foamed in the end of the anagma brush, bubbling in the cup, and let the whipped cream bubbles draw a circle with a circle.

Fast-front razor Kiwami.
You will spend the pressure that will naturally load your skin in your hand, and shave the best shaving comfort according to your skin.
The five-blade razor is also delivered and gentle shaving pleasures are also realized

Old-fashioned classical shaving with cutting-edge razor!
I dare over time and enjoy the shaving ceremonies!
Stand and trial soap are also attached

Unexpected surprise!
Ideal for gifts

Gift Box Provisions You can enter GiftBox Hope when purchasing

Contact us about your settlement method.
After entering the product, you can choose your payment method after entering your name, email address, address, etc.

I can have you buy the handling product of the razor club in the following shops. Because the stock situation, business / sales system varies according to each shop, please use it after confirmation beforehand.

Barber's, the showroom is open, too.

It is a shaving video that the razor club cooperated in taking a picture.

[Schick] was chosen as the best person. Chic Hydro Custom Barber


Chic Classic Double Edge "Your New Classic" Shaving Style /Image

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