Classical shaving set that is inherited from the year 1903 to be amused.


Good-time, good time. Kashisori.

In 1965, the "SCHICK" was released by the Batai Open (Butterfly Open), a Kannon (or Butterfly).
It's been over 50 years old. It's been a new model for 2019. It's a new birth year.

This is a Kannon opening ceremony, and it opens when you turn the bottom part of the hand.
If you carefully weave the blade and close it, you start shaving.
a double-edged blade that is the original form of a safety carmicori
Slowly, with your own hand, looking for the blade and the edge of the glow.
I'm going to shave and shave with the weight of the caps.
Both of them have a blade, so you can shave them with the opposite blade after you shave.
the old-fashionously sickly kamisoli
Don't you want to take your time to cheat on the morning ceremony?
A pottery-made mug in a barbaric shop.
Likewise, one hundred percent of the unfamiliar hairs of the bubbles.
a stand where the soles are set up for the crab perch
You can try it. It's catechin soap.
There are ten of the alternate blades.
Kamisori Heavy: 88g: 110mm wide, 13mm wide

The alternative is made at the SCHICK Zoringen plant.
It's time to exchange, but it's 12 to 14 days, and we're swapping in the exchange.

and gift boxes are also available for gifts. So, at the time of the gift, you have to have a gift and a gift.

I can have you buy the handling product of the razor club in the following shops. Because the stock situation, business / sales system varies according to each shop, please use it after confirmation beforehand.

Barber's, the showroom is open, too.

It is a shaving video that the razor club cooperated in taking a picture.

[Schick] was chosen as the best person. Chic Hydro Custom Barber


Chic Classic Double Edge "Your New Classic" Shaving Style /Image

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