TKC nose cutter (manual type) Old-fashioned nose hair barikan that needs care


A dedicated cutter that cuts the nose hair while rotating with a finger and a finger.

The image is a long-fashioned manual valican nose hair baracan

If you hold the cutting edge a little bit in your nose, the blade will rotate and cut the nose hair safely.
It can be used safely because the outside cylinder has a role of guard

Be sure to spray thinly with sewing oil etc. after use
If you leave it as it is, it will rust due to salinity in the nasal cavity, and there is a possibility that the rotation may not be possible.

※ This cutter is made with old-fashioned processes and is a product that needs to be used once.
In addition, the spray part of sewing oil etc. is often read and remove the manual.
If you remove the wrong place, there is a risk that it may be disassembled, which may cause a repair price, shipping cost.
Please be careful

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