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Article: Spring worries: hay fever and shaving: my experience with shaving.

春のお悩み 花粉症と髭剃りについての僕のヒゲ剃り道。

Spring worries: hay fever and shaving: my experience with shaving.

The time has finally come!
In fact, it has already old nemesis, pollen!
It's really tough on a dry, sunny day with a strong wind...
Itchy eyes, itchy flowers, dry and itchy skin! It's a parade of symptoms!
I think there are many people for whom shaving is a must even in such a situation, and I am one of them.I have been doing it for a while now, and I would like to tell you about how I shave during pollen season.
There are two ways

1. On a sunny day, apply soap to the area to be shaved and shave in the opposite direction only. You will probably want to shave in the opposite direction, but resist the urge to shave as it can put stress on your skin and make it itchy!
I rinse thoroughly and then apply a lighter lotion rather than milk lotion. However, as my skin has become drier with age, if I have time before going out, I apply a mousse to thoroughly moisturize my skin.

2. Rainy days I enjoy a classic shaving style. I lather up with a beard brush, shave in the right direction, then shave in the wrong direction to get smooth skin. Is there less pollen on rainy days? Or is there none? So I apply mousse to my skin thoroughly to moisturize it. I especially focus on applying mousse to my eyelids, which become tighter every year.

I'm sure you all shave in various ways, so I hope this will be helpful.

Recommended mousse
LIGURIAN HONEY Ligurian Honey Body Mousse

It's a body mousse but I use it on my face after shaving.


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