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Article: A small and cute razor! Introducing the 2024 New MICRO 5th generation STICK!

小さくかわいいカミソリ!2024 New MICRO 5代目 STICK スティックの紹介です!

A small and cute razor! Introducing the 2024 New MICRO 5th generation STICK!

2024: A new design that is easier to hold, more stable, and heavier than ever before!
We are launching the new MICRO ISTICK, a small and cute razor

STICK is a new design that has been in development since 2020.

This is the fifth piece in the micro series that I designed, and the design drawings from that time.
We had discussions with the Italian workshop to determine the exact size, and these hand-drawn drawings look incredibly handmade!
My designs are always conveyed to Italy with a feeling like this, and then transformed into real razors, filled with the maker's feelings and preciousness.

What is the thought behind this STICK?
Easier to hold,
High stability,
A heavy-duty razor!

The MICRO series began with the previous model listed below.

The first model is available in two specifications: Gillette's Mach 3-blade and Fusion 5-blade.
The indented line on the end is a custom request from the barber!
We accept consultations on original designs.
This Is Simple!
It has a simple design without any frills and is currently extremely popular among barber shops.

The second generation razor has a resin handle and a thicker design than the first generation, and the razor head is made from Schick Quattro.
Not currently available.
The other day on social media I made a mistake and stated it was the 3.5th generation...

The third generation is even more compact, with a length of just 5.5cm including the replacement blade!
It can be used when traveling, but to be honest, it is not suitable for daily use.
It was "Hmm..."
I was happy that it sold quite well when released as a single item, but we will not be producing it again.

Fourth generation model Giulietta
It is shaped like a gourd with a narrow center.
Two lines are created at the top and bottom, creating grooves with rubber rings embedded into them. This reduces slipping even when your hands are soapy, making the product easier to use. We've also added vermilion to the color scheme for a playful touch!
This was also handled by a barber trading company, but I later found out that after using it for a while, the rubber part deteriorates and breaks...
I also learned that this can also be a solution to solve your problems.
Even if the rubber deteriorates and breaks, there are four deep grooves on the top and bottom, which reduce slippage, so it is not a problem even if the rubber is gone.
This is also being sold continuously.
I can't find the design diagram...

And here is the latest 5th generation model! STICK Once again, this is a masterpiece razor that is full of love and care.
Compared to previous models, it is easier to handle and has a more solid and tough design, and storage has been changed from a free-standing type to a storage type.

The handle is spherical like a game controller stick and can be held like a wrap, improving maneuverability.
There are countless small dents engraved in lines on the spherical part to prevent slipping.
That's why we named it STICK!
It is nearly twice as heavy as the original model, so you can expect the weight of the razor itself to allow for a smooth shave without exerting too much force.

At the same time, the stands are also filled with emotion!
Until now, the stand design has been simple, made by cutting a rod of brass, or processing it into a round shape, then cutting and welding it, but this time, the stand is designed to wrap around the stick itself and stand vertically.

Three rubber bands attached to the bottom

A hole was drilled in the center of the cone-shaped stand to allow moisture on the razor to escape.

Advance reservations will start soon in 2024. We have designed it with a focus on making it easier to hold and more user-friendly. And we can make it into a more stylish form.
It has the taste of MADE IN ITALY FIRENZE.

The small and cute MICRO razor makes shaving fun!

Quote of the night (words from the kindergarten my child attended)

"Grow strong roots and slowly sprout."