A barbershop was posted on the Nikkei TRENDYApril issue.

The BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP by KAMISORI CLUB 148 has been posted in the April issue. Thank you.

You're in trouble with the design of a jigge.

In Yokohama, you have to stop by the old-fashions of the classic classicacal barber.

In 1870, a barber shop was born at a corner of a small corner of a reservation in a small corner of the settlement (now located in Chinatown), the birthplace of Western science. He was the first Western barber, and his name was' Ogura Torakichi. ' At that time, the street address was 148th Street Reserdation.

The barber who learned the art of Western hair from Torakichi Ogura was given the name of 148 in the name of the roofer when he was opened, and he expressed his respect for his roots.

We BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP by KAMISORI CLUB 148 also gave 148 to the end of respect for the roots of Western hair.

A simple classical barber-bar style and a higele design.

It says, "I mow, shave, wash." It was a pure barber with a pure and unbearable pure barber, which began in 1870, at the time of its beginning.