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Article: Enjoy blissful moments with a double-edged razor: its appeal and how to prevent razor burn


Enjoy blissful moments with a double-edged razor: its appeal and how to prevent razor burn

The double-edged razor, the prototype of the safety razor

The Birth of the Double-Edged Razor

The double-edged (single-blade) razor is the prototype of the safety razor, first developed by King C. Gillette in 1903. It is no exaggeration to say that if you want to experience the true pleasure of shaving, you must use this razor.

At the time, T-shaped razors had to be sharpened every time the blade became dull, which was a hassle, but one day, while shaving, C. Gillette is said to have come up with the idea for a disposable safety razor with replaceable blades. (Omitted) It is said that it took nearly 10 years for the technology to be perfected.

Gillette safety razors quickly became popular after the outbreak of World War I. The US government ordered 3.5 million Gillette safety razors and 36 million replacement blades as military supplies, which were shipped around the world with American soldiers.

Yasuki Takeuchi (CEO of Razor Club) / Quoted from the Razor History

At the time, the blades only had one edge, but this one had two blades so that both blades could be used to deflect hair. When shaving, you could easily shave by simply placing the blade against your cheek without having to worry about the angle.

At that time, both razors and blades were very expensive and the blades were made of carbon steel. Today's blades are made of stainless steel, so they are resistant to rust, but in the past, you had to wipe the razor and blades carefully after use and put them back on the oil paper, otherwise they would rust quickly, so you had to be careful when storing them.

In 1965, SCHICK released the butterfly-opening razor.
This razor is already more than 50 years old.
It is made of resin and metal, giving it a moderately heavy feel, and it can be stored in a hard case.
Razors were not cheap at the time, and you can see that they were an essential tool for valued men.

The appeal and features of double-edged razors

The downside of double-edged razors is that they are prone to razor burn, but once you get used to them, you'll be captivated by the direct "screezing" sound of the razor vibrating in your hand and the smooth movement of the single blade over your skin.

On the other hand, compared to modern razors with more blades, it is true that razor burn is more likely to occur because a single blade touches the skin directly. This is a traditional (classical) way of shaving that requires extra effort and time. (It is best to avoid using it when your skin is irritated.)

When we looked at the stainless steel blades of razors from well-known manufacturers, we found that the standard thickness of a double-edged razor is 0.08 to 0.1 mm. The top of the razor is removable with a screw, and is attached by pinching the blade of a single razor. The blade comes out from there, so it is a double-edged razor.

Tips for shaving with a double-edged (single-blade) razor

Here, we will use a professional barber as a model to share tips for safe and comfortable shaving with a double-edged (single-blade) razor and the key points for using a razor.

1. Be sure to pre-shave properly

Most of the key to preventing razor burn is right here! It's important to keep your skin and beard well hydrated.
The hair is as hard as a copper wire, and there is a layer of air inside the hair called a vacuole. By adding moisture, the air layer will expand by about 40%, making it easier to cut.

Hot water is best for quick absorption. We also recommend making your own steamed towels at home.
The following website provides instructions on how to make a simple steamed towel at home.

If you want to take your time and enjoy the ritual of shaving, why not try warming your entire face with a steamed towel, a method inherited from our predecessors?

2. Be sure to use lubricant. We also recommend lathering it up with a brush.

In recent years, it has become common to use shaving foam or gel as a lubricant, which has evolved from the foam created using a shaving brush and soap. Of course, you can also use foam or gel, but in that case, it is important to make sure that it is thoroughly absorbed into your skin.

Shaving brushes, inherited from our ancestors, are still used in barber shops today. It feels so good and blissful to have a lathered brush move in circles on your face after using a warm, steamed towel.
Of course it feels good, but the brush also has a real purpose.

▼ Features of the shaving brush (beard brush)

  1. The bristles of the brush can create a fine lather.
  2. The bristles of the brush remove dirt while softening the surface skin and hair.
  3. Massage the surface of the skin with the bristles of the brush.

Once you have thoroughly applied the foam to your beard, you can begin shaving. The foam acts as a lubricant for your beard and razor, making it an important must-have item that helps reduce razor burn! Shaving requires a balance of foam and moisture, so be sure to apply it.

3. With a double-edged razor, you can adjust the shaving angle yourself.

The trick to shaving is to gently shave off the hair using the weight of the razor rather than pressing it against the skin. Once you know where the hair is, shave from your cheek down.

Start by shaving "with the right hand." Shave from your cheeks down, chin to under the jaw, and then from top to bottom. Be careful not to shave "against the right hand," shaving from bottom to top, as this can easily cause razor burn.

Hairs are as hard as copper wire. Long hairs provide considerable resistance to the thin razor blade, and as they are shaved, they also lift the skin, causing it to be shaved at the same time. This can also cause razor burn.

If you want a close shave, shave against the skin from bottom to top. However, shave gently without applying too much pressure. If you have sensitive skin, shave against the skin.

4. Rinse your skin thoroughly

After shaving, rinse the soap and shave thoroughly with warm water.

In the movies, we often see people just wipe themselves off with a towel after shaving! However, this is not good for your skin. If you have skin problems, it can also cause razor burn. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and keep your skin clean.

5. Proper aftercare

As you know, the razor is a ritual in which a sharp blade is placed on the face. It is important to perform the final part of the ritual carefully.

When you use a sharp tool on your skin, it can cause small cuts that are invisible to the naked eye and blood. Use aftershave to condition your skin.

For those with sensitive skin, we recommend alcohol-free lotions. In winter, we recommend moisturizing lotions with gel-type properties.
During dry seasons, be sure to moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated.

Wet shaving means you risk razor burn every day.
This is an inseparable bond.

So, let's try to reduce razor burn as much as possible through daily care.

6. When should I replace the blades of my double-edged razor and how should I care for them?

The timing for replacing the blades of a double-edged razor varies from person to person, depending on factors such as the thickness of the beard and the area where it grows.
A customer asked, "Will the blade last longer if I wipe off the moisture with a towel after use?"

Nowadays, replacement blades are made of stainless steel, not the old carbon steel type which was prone to rust, so they are less likely to rust and there is no problem if you don't wipe them.
I think the secret to making it last longer is to keep your beard well hydrated and reduce the strain on the blade tip.

The recommended replacement period for the blade is 10 to 14 days. This is just my personal opinion based on actual use, so please use it as a guideline.

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