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Article: J:COM TV, I've been staring at the TV Yoko!!

J:COM TV, I've been staring at the TV Yoko!!

The exposure of the warm sunshine and the BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP has become more and more exposed. It is the mountain of head barbors whose eyelids are dry in the spring sun.

Now, after the TBS radio station on the 13th, in early March, a TV show from J:COM, which was held in early March, "Yokoamatsuu!"

The location of the location of the location began today on the 16th (tree).It will be broadcast every day until the end of March.BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP, which is located in the birthplace of Western hair in front of the navigator, Saeko Ishida, is located in front of Mt. Maruyama.

I would like to see if you are interested in the cable TV contract, as well as the opportunity for the cable TV to be able to take this opportunity.


Digital 11 Channel: " Yokohama Tu!!] Official page:

It has been broadcast every day between 3/16 and 31.J:COM (11ch), Yokohama Cable Television, and YOU TV will be broadcast.

* There are different stations with different broadcasting times.(Since it is a barrabara, please check the show table.)


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Business hours: 14:00-20:00
Positional holidays: Tuesday/No. 2, 3 Mondays
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