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Article: KAI Club communication 01 National Motion Features Kai Xfit5

KAI倶楽部通信01 独特な動きが特徴 KAI Xfit5

KAI Club communication 01 National Motion Features Kai Xfit5

The handle made of resin is modern and the color of yellow and black feels a sport.

Unlike the conventional razor, the dent part of the handle is docked on the convex part of the razor, unlike the razor. In my image, this docking is a video that seems to be connected to the space base, and docks again on the ship separated by the Apollo 13 of the movie. I remembered that and the tension went up.


The operation of the replacement blade head after installation is fun in a word!

There is a feeling of floating and it moves freely, and it also has a moderate tension.


The shaving comfort is floating, and the razor itself is light, so it is easy to apply extra force, but with a little tension, it was shaved smoothly.

And the handle is easy to hold and handle

The blade of the 5 -blade was a bit tight, but it is a wonderful razor considering the price.


I thought it was an evolved version of XFIT disposable

It is a razor that is exciting to attach and detach the wearing part because the design is wonderful.


Catch phrase without permission


Kai Space Razor X !!

If you experience this detachment, you can't get out!



Razor Club Takai Takauchi