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Article: KAI Club Newsletter 02: A genuine Japanese razor that is constantly evolving - KAI AUGER - My impressions after using the Kai razor

KAI倶楽部通信02 常に進化し続ける生粋の日本製カミソリ KAI AUGER 貝印カミソリを使ってみた感想

KAI Club Newsletter 02: A genuine Japanese razor that is constantly evolving - KAI AUGER - My impressions after using the Kai razor

I've been interested in the KAI AUGER for a while and have actually been using it since last year.
Kai Razors is a razor manufacturer that Japan is proud of.
This is the manufacturer that developed the first lightweight razor (disposable razor) in Japan, and the history of its founders is cool!
Today, the company is a manufacturer that develops a wide range of items, from razors to general daily necessities.
Previously introduced This razor is an improved version of the KAI Xfit5, with a stylish razor holder.
The blades have a unique 3D movement that allows you to shave from any angle, giving you the feeling that the blade is sticking to your skin for a comfortable shave.

There are several fins on the bottom of the blade, which I think are used to pull out hairs and skin. This is just my opinion, as there was nothing about it on the Kai Corporation website.

When you press the protrusion in the middle of the holder, it will lift up as shown in the photo above. When you want to shave in the opposite direction, lift it up and the handle will be at an angle that makes it easier to shave from around the Adam's apple to under the chin.
What's even more amazing is that it has 3D movement, so it glides smoothly over uneven surfaces. This may be a technique that is unique to Japan! I'm proud of it.

This is a razor holder, but since the photos were taken while it was already in use, there is soap stains on it...I apologize for the unsightly appearance.
I did try dipping the holder in hot water with citric acid dissolved in it and scrubbing it with a scrubbing brush, but... I guess that's just my opinion.
The back of the blade looks the same as the one from Company G! It's designed to be easy to rinse.
The KAI engraved on the part where the razor is attached is a little gimmick that's exciting.

Here's a photo of the blades being installed.
The way the blade attachment part clicks into the open space on the razor reminds me of the Super Alloy toys I remember from my childhood, and it's like they're all joining together! I find myself enchanted by the click sound it makes when you attach it.

The design is easy to hold, and the body color is based on black resin, with a chrome tone that is one tone lowered. It has a chic and high-quality atmosphere.
It is also extremely easy to hold!

The shaving experience is excellent, and I especially love the way the blade moves when shaving in the opposite direction.
It's time to replace the blade, but if you pre-shave properly, it's a good blade that will last a long time.

Hmm...I want to make a tiny micro razor with these replacement blades!
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. It's just my own image.
I hope we can work together someday. It's truly a collaboration between Japan and Italy.

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