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Article: GQ Japan may

GQ Japan may

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1 barbers' shop by kamisori Club 148 Barneys barbers shop by kamisari Club 148 (Yokohama)

It is opened at the timing of the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Barneys New York Yokohama store in 2013. It is a collaboration with the specialist group "kamisari club", and the technique and the design are origami.

On weekends, I came to my family to see "Mama shopping and Papa barber".

The quiet space made in a part of the men's floor is not wide, but it is strange and calm.

4-1 Barneys New York Yokohama store 4F
Business hours: 14:00 00:00
Tuesday, Tuesday, 2nd and 3rd Monday
How to make Shampoo & cut how to make a haircut