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Article: MICRO (Micro) first model I am passionate about this razor because of its weight, ease of use, and interior design.

MICRO(マイクロ)初代モデル 思い入れは重量・使いやすさ・インテリアになるカミソリ。

MICRO (Micro) first model I am passionate about this razor because of its weight, ease of use, and interior design.

MICRO was the first to request production.
I think it was around 2010. The image is of a razor that is convenient for travel!
When I use the disposable razors provided at the inns and hotels I stay at when I travel, I always end up bleeding.
The reason is that the razor is so light that you have to use a lot of force to shave. I guess your skin isn't very strong. . .
In that case, I wanted a razor that was portable, and I wanted it to be smaller and more convenient to carry than the regular length razors I've been selling for a while! I thought.
At the same time, a sense of solidity is also essential.We asked for the center of gravity to be placed at the bottom to make it heavier.
I also have a stand so that I can use it not only while carrying it, but also for daily shaving.
Introducing the first generation MICRO.

The total length of MICRO is only 70mm, which is only half the length of a regular razor, which is about 140mm.
Moreover, although the length of the handle is 25 mm, it weighs about 60 g, which is about 1.3 times the weight of a regular razor (45 g) (average value), and the weight of a disposable razor is about 7 g. (average value) , it is more than 8 times the weight.
As I mentioned earlier, the center of gravity is placed at the bottom so that you can shave with the weight of the razor without applying force.
You can grip the handle part with your thumb and forefinger, hold it upside down, or cover it with your entire palm, so you can control it as you like!
That's MICRO, simple and easy to use.

The head part in the photo is a recent model.
The initial model had an original fusion head.

I have trouble finding a place to put my razor in the sink!
I was thinking about making a razor that I could use on a daily basis at home, so I thought I'd make a stand as well.
When I installed the finished product on the sink, the small but overwhelming presence of the razor turned into a beautiful piece of interior decor instead of just a razor!
This is an early model with interior leather molded by a razor shop.