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Article: The origin of the name MICRO, a small and cute razor. A passion since 1998!

小さくてかわいいカミソリ MICRO(マイクロ)の名前の由来。1998年からの思い入れ!

The origin of the name MICRO, a small and cute razor. A passion since 1998!

Why I named my little razor MICRO.

I was in England during the 1998 World Cup in France.

My first time living abroad.
And I don't understand English at all...
Now when I think about it, what a reckless thing I did...
Meanwhile, every day I was thinking that I would return home the next day. After about three months had passed, I made some native friends and gradually began to understand the language, which made it fun. At that time, one thing I often saw in the town I was in was the Nissan MARCH!
In the past, there was a car called Isuzu Gemini and there was a commercial for it called the City Shortstop!
It had a very impactful commercial, with the car running through the subway, and it was our car.

March likes Gemini because it is a little smaller and has a rounder design.
Large people are driving compact cars, but if you think about it, the Rover Mini is even smaller, and it's made in the UK.
Incidentally, the bed I lived in was also compact.
I could tell that people generally like compact cars, and the Nissan March, which is called the "Nissan March" in Japan, is called the "Micro" in the UK!
The first car I bought after returning to Japan was the Nissan March Micro.

I took a screenshot of the website. (Reference website)

Worked at the Razor Club In 2000, while I was traveling to Italy, France, and the UK, where I was working with overseas manufacturers, I happened to come across a small razor in a shop in a town in the UK! I was inspired by it, so I explained the story and was told that there was one in an Italian workshop too!
The moment he held the small razor in his hands, he was reminded of the old March and named it MICRO.
It can also be read as micro, but we'd like to use the word micro!

This is where the design of the beloved MICRO razor began.

The cute and small razor (MICRO) makes shaving fun!

Tonight's quote (said by a great person)
Konosuke Matsushita
"Service after the sale is better than flattery before the sale. This is what creates permanent customers."