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Article: I'm shaving, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I'm shaving, TBS Radio: "Jane Su lives a dance"

ヒゲ剃り、T字の刃数には意味が! TBSラジオ『ジェーン・スー 生活は踊る』

I'm shaving, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I'm shaving, TBS Radio: "Jane Su lives a dance"

Yesterday, March 13 (month), together with Maruyama, on the TBS radio, I got in the way of the TBS radio.

It is only a live broadcast, and it is a matter of conflict with Maruyama, which is strained from the middle of the train, to drive the motto of the safe driving to the motto, and the whole bamboo is a bamboo-floor.

Maruyama and I, who do not know what will be the details of what will happen in the office.
Such a trend will be a trend like this, and it will be like this.
If you are two people checking out, then you're going to be negative and you're going to be negative in the car.

I got to TBS early, and I was in the basement parking lot, so I stopped at 1F, and I told the radio about today's radio, and then I said,

Aum! Akasaka Sakas.

She is said to have asked a woman who was receiving the Hakuhodo.

Um, Tokyo has a big place to teach us, and it turns out that the building is next to us!
We have been on foot with Maruyama (from here, B-maru).

When you enter the entrance of a building, you have a security guard, you have a tough face.
This is the TV station.I'm impressed with my emotion, Mr. B Maru, and I am Tension.

As soon as I get down on the floor from the elevator in the elevator, I'll be waiting for you to say hello to you.
Please say hello to the broadcast writer and others, and wait for a while.

The script on the desk?The contents of the contents were checked by the two people.

This is shocking to two people, and it's very useful for the future of the hige club. And yet, despite being able to come up with it, it was the Tension Max.

A director is more irritated, rubbing, sah, bruise!

When I was on the mountain, I was a black boy, and I was prepared to stand by the warm steaming towel and the foaming higgebrushes.
I was setting up delivery so that I could be in time for the shaving experience, and to be delivered with a quintine and warm condition.

The radio is a world of seconds, so I was so nervous about the timing, and I had a little experience with it.
It is quietly in the middle of the recording, steaming from the back and neatly delivery of towels and higeblush to the table.

Yes.My work is done here.

"Shh, shh, shh, shh."
I was out on the back sofa at the back of my temper.

It ended in a safe recording, and ended with a commemorative photograph.
and the announcer said, "Oh, shave me to this kind of wind!" And I was happy that I was really surprised.

The show will be heard from the following TBS radio stations, so please listen to the radio station for hours.