Chic Hydro Body Groomer RIZAP Collaboration

June 30, 2020 Chic Hydro Body Groomer RIZAP Collaboration

I participated in the PR event of the new product chic hydro body groomer of razor maker SCHICK which I have been working with from day to day, and the greeting of Mr. Murano, President of SCHICK JAPAN, and the RIZAP president's welcome, followed by an overview explanation from market reform leader Narita

Mr. Narita, the market reform leader who was able to greet you this time by telephone and e-mail. I was wearing a RIZAP collaboration shirt and told him I wanted it.

I usually wear it and go out, but it stands out considerably.
I was able to say hello to other people I met for the first time.

And this time, I am helping to care for the snat hair and shave off in advance of the PR event of former Japan national football team Shuhiro Takeda
First of all, I checked how much I could shave with the hair of my leg the day before.
This is great!

You can shave so much just by pushing and pulling the razor while taking a shower!

Push and pull this long mojamoja hair while applying a shower to your leg!
Choi put the force and push and pull!
When I explain the razor, the blade is attached to both the direction of pressing and the direction of pulling.
Two blades in the direction of pressing (up), three blades in the direction of pulling (down direction).
Smoother is attached to the top and bottom of the blade, so you can shave smoothly.
This razor is making interesting.

In fact, the two blades in the direction of pressing are attached to the upper part of the blade in the lower part, and the three blades in the direction of pulling are attached to the normal lower part in the upper part Because the blade in the direction of pushing passes through the upper part of the three blades until it reachs the hair, the approach of that minute is long, so the per to the skin is gentle, and it feels gentle together because it also slips on the two blades to pull.
It's in the catch copy.

"Can you shave like an eraser!" 」
"Are you sure?" Grinning. 」
I thought and shaved while applying a shower
"I was shaved!" Surprised! I was impressed! 」
If you want to cut the body hair short in advance, it is also good to cut first with TICK HYDRO GROMER!
I cut it short first in the state of dry hair, and shaved it with a body groomer while taking a shower with Chorochoro.
HYDRO GROOMer is waterproof, so I use it to care for beards in the bathroom.

The trimmer attachment is the shortest or the attachment can be removed to cut and use according to your preference
Because the hobby is Chari, it is an indispensed item in the future.
Now, the story of the event continues.

I will lecture how to shave by arranging the length of the snatch hair that Mr. Nagayama (Nagayama) who is working together is in charge of the care of Takeda-sama who meets for the first time on the day
Mr. Takeda was a very good person and talked to Frank.
And I was glad to be surprised at the razor shaved taste.
I was waiting at the back of the hall, so I didn't watch the PR event live, but I was broadcasting it live on youtube, so I watched it and said, "Oh, I can shave, I can shave. I was relieved.
The event ended and Mr. Naga fell asleep in the car on the way home.
It is a body trimmer recommended in the coming time.

The following site is the contents of the event.


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