An iron of the iron permanent which I made.

If I arrange an antique of ANNEX which there is to the たま plastic with a rustling sound

How! !!
I discover an iron of the permanent!

And TEN STAR is ... a brand name
Father runs it and is a company in old days!
It is sale していたんだー with ぬぉぉおおおー, an iron
Though I want to know the meaning formally, and Hi-Waver googles it unintentionally and watched it, まぁ does not come out
Because it is the front for なんせ dozens of years.


... which has the っぽい image for exclusive use of the man when I use the iron among me

A tight curled men's permanent comes to むかーし, the senior; and among friends to the senior
If say a tight curled men's permanent; "is different design permanent"! I had you tell と.
^^ where I do not know かどぉかは, but it is really sure that then we believed the words

むかーしむかしの certificate and a manufacturer entered properly

I think whether electricity is possibility for the time being because there is the electrical equipment security method to say in now (PS mark), but
... that I who am a bibooby stop playing an outlet
I was surprised at new discovery in ANNEX while there were various tools.

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