Double-edged razor that is also the prototype of a safety razor

A double-edged razor that is the prototype of the safety razor developed for the first time by King C. Gillette in 1903. It is no use saying that you can't talk without using this razor if you want to taste the original real thrill of shaving.

At that time, the change blade which had only one blade was attached to both, and the beard was allowed to be off in both. When shaving a beard, you could easily shave just by applying the blade to your cheek without worrying about the angle.

At that time, razors and replacement blades were very expensive, and the replacement blades were carbon steel. Because the current replacement blade is made of stainless steel, it became strong to rust, but in the old days, when the razor and the replacement blade were finished, the cleaning blade rusted as soon as it was not returned to oil paper, and it seems to have been careful about storage.

In 1965, SCHICK launched a double-opening (butterfly open) razor.
It is a razor more than 50 years ago from now.
It is made of resin and metal and has a moderate profound feeling, and the case can be stored in a hard case.

Razors that were never cheap at the time. You can see that it was an essential tool for important men.

The difficulty of double-edged razors is that razors are easy to lose.

However, compared to today's razor, which has increased the number of blades, double-edged razors hit the skin directly, so it is certain that it is easy to lose razors. It's a classical shave that has to take just one, two, and a lot of time.

1. Let's do the preshave properly.

It can be said that the majority of razor defeats are here! It is necessary to give moisture firmly to the skin and beard.
The beard has the same hardness as copper wire, and there is a layer of air called vacuolar in the back of the hair. By giving moisture, moisture enters the layer of air and expands by about 40%, and it is easy to be cut.

Hot water is the best way to penetrate quickly. It is also good to make a steamed towel at home and see it.

2. Be sure to use shaving soap, which is a lubricant.

In recent years, shaving foams and gels evolved from brushes are common. And, of course, you can use foam or gel, in which case, it is important to let it fit firmly into your skin.

The shaving brush inherited from the person in question is still used in barber shops. It's a nice blissful time to have a shaka shaka and a foamed brush turned over your face in a circle after a steamed towel from Hokahoka.
Of course it feels good, but the brush has a chitin meaning.

Features of Shaving Brush (Beard Brush)

  1. You can make fine bubbles with brush hair.
  2. Soften the skin and beard on the surface while the brush's hair tip scrapes out dirt
  3. massage the surface of the skin with the tip of a brush

When the foam is firmly put on the beard part, shaving is done. Bubbles are an important must-have item that reduces razor loss with beard and razor lubricants! Shave is necessary to balance foam and moisture, so be sure to apply it.

3, Double-edged razor adjusts the angle to shave by yourself

The trick to shaving is to gently shave off the weight of the razor instead of pressing the razor. When you know the atari, shave it down from the cheek.

The first is "shaving in order". Shave off from the cheek to the bottom, from the chin to the bottom of the jaw and from the top to the bottom. Please note that "reverse shaving" that shaves from the bottom to the top from the beginning tends to be one of the causes of razor loss.

Beards have the same hardness as copper wire. A long beard becomes considerable resistance for the blade of a thin razor, and the skin is also raised at the same time as shaving, and it shaves at the same time. It also causes razor loss.

If you want to shave deeply, shave upside down from the bottom to the top. However, it shaves gently without putting power.

If your skin is weak, let's stop it only by shaving in order.

5, Let's rinse firmly

Once you have shaved your beard, rinse the soap and whiskers with hot water.

After shaving the beard often seen in the movie, wipe it off with a towel as it is and finish! I see the scene, but it is not good for the skin.If you have trouble with your skin, it can also cause razor loss. Try to rinse and keep it clean.

6, aftercare firmly

Razors, as you know, are so-called rituals performed with sharp cutlery on their faces. It is important to do it firmly at the end of the ceremony.

When a sharp knife is put on the skin, a small wound and blood which cannot be seen by all means may blow. Let's adjust the condition of your skin by aftershaveing.

If you are sensitive, alcohol-free type such as milky lotion is recommended. In winter, we recommend a type of milky lotion that is gel-type and has a moisturizing effect.
When it dries, moisturize your skin and keep your skin moisturized.

Wet shaving is next to losing razors every day, isn't it?
This is an edge that cannot be cut.

So, let's go out with daily care so that razor losing can be reduced as much as possible.

When to replace the double-edged razor and how to care for it?

The time to replace the replacement blade of a double-edged razor is honestly different from person to person. This is because the depth of the beard and the area in which it is lying are different.
Does it last long if I wipe the moisture of the replacement blade with a towel after use by the customer's question? There was.

In this day and age, the material of the replacement blade rather than the rust-prone type like old carbon steel is made of stainless steel, so it is hard to rust, so there is no problem without wiping it in particular.
I think that it is a good thing to reduce the burden of the cutting edge by firmly giving moisture to the beard the secret of the long-lasting.

A century ago classical razor manufactured by Chic in early 1900 was reprinted in 2019.

The 2019 renewal model is all metal without resin being used.
And it is a double-opening type (butterfly open) which is a cool feature

Turn the bottom part of the razor to open the top.
The replacement blade is made at the SCHICK Solingen plant.
It is time to exchange, but we recommend replacing it in 12-14 days.

Razor Club Grooming Instructor Masahiro Ohashi talks about HOW TO andCARE