It is available with the razor which is usable in one of them in razor and trimer, bothSCHICK HYDRO5GROOMER」。The lower part of the razor has a trimer cutting a mustache. Favorite length can cut it with the attachment which can coordinate length

With this, I really prepare a mustache.

The design that the mustache of the model connected a mustache and lips bottom and a beard. When I say the name of the mustacheAnchor (Anchor)です. It is stylish by the design which it is easy to relatively grow.

I take off an attachment and cut a direct mustache, but the attachment can coordinate length in an expression for a stage
You may utilize this
In addition, it becomes the razor trimer when I nominate Fripp of the upper razor
I can perform shaving of a small point here

I cut the mustache of lips with a trimer

I trim the mustache which I take off an attachment, and hangs to the lips and the mustache of the Kiwa part

I take the center for a long time, and the beard gradually shortens it along the line of the jawbone
The trimming goes well when I take the line diligently slowly while watching a mirror
I perform it while regulating length when I use the attachment
The person having a comb (comb) for mustaches should cut it while letting you comb it with a mustache like a photograph

When I use the scissors (last circle scissors), I utilize the length of the blade part and cut it along a line

Because you cannot revise it when you cut it briefly suddenly, please be careful

If the cut of the mustache is over, I do shaving with a razor
From cheeks to a chin, I shave it off from the chin bottom to the Adam's apple
You should use the trimer to appear when the small point gives a flip of the upper razor which I introduced some time ago


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