It can be used with razor and trimmer with razor and trimmerSchick Hydro5Groomer」。It comes with a trimmer that cuts a beard in the lower part of the razor. You can cut it to your favorite length with an attachment that can adjust the length

Actually use this, let's prepare a beard.

The model of the model has a design that connects the mood and the lip and jamblade. As a name of the beardAnchor (Anchor)is. It is stylish with a relatively easy-to-use design.

Remove the attachment and cut the beard directly, but the attachment can adjust the length in the stage expression
You may take advantage of this
In addition, if the flip at the top of the razor is raised, it becomes a razor trimmer
You can also shave the fine place here

I will cut the beard of the mouth with a trimmer

Remove attachment and trim the beard with lips and bearded beard

Jaw Higge will gradually shorten the center along the line of jaws
The trimming will be good at watching the mirror slowly and slowly
When using an attachment, we will adjust while adjusting the length
If you have a bald comb (Kushi), it would be nice to cut while combating with a beard like a photo

If you use scissors (tip scissors), use the length of the blade part to cut along the line

Please note that it will not be able to correct it if you cut it suddenly shortly

When the cut of the beard is over, shave with a razor
Shaving from the cheek to the jaw, shave from undergoing to throat frye
The details are originally introduced earlier, and it is good to use the trimmer that appears when you raise the flip on the upper part of the razor

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