Lady Barber's is a female barber who transmissions the woman's eyes from the female eye.This is an advisor to the Camisoli Club.No, this time."Lady Barber's," I asked you about Mensskin care.

First of all, the basic knowledge of "man's skin."

The characteristics of the man's skin

The skin around the face and neck is thin and sensitive, and the skin glands, which are glands that secrete the skin to the surface of the skin, are tightly located.The sebaceous gland, which is distributed throughout the body, peering through the soles and feet of the palm without any blanes, is often found in the face and head (especially around the T zone), and is said to be around 800 per square meter average.Also, it is said that there is not much gender difference in the density of this sebaceous gland.
So why does the man's skin look so greasy compared to the skin of a woman?
This is because the activity of the sebaceous glands is stimulated by the male hormones and is contained in the female hormones.
In the case of men, there is no major change in the amount of male hormone secretions, ranging from puberty to 60 years to age, and is secreted more than women throughout their lives.Therefore, men' s skin is greasy compared to women in men's skin.

You can also shave off these extra cortical resins in shaving, but in order to maintain this healthy sour situation, later skin care is needed to ensure that the lipids secrete a moderate amount of cortical fats.
On the other hand, there is an investigation that the extra corners are removed by the Wet shaving, which makes it easier to infiltrate the water.However,It is possible for male skin care products to be used for men' s skin care products, because men have a lot of lipids compared to women, so they can compensate for the fat of the skin.


Do you ever feel like a male hige or a skin?

I just feel like this is something like this. (Tanaka)

  1. drying "I want to humid it."
  2. It's greasy, knit, cleansing.
  3. Leave the shaving 'to' remove. '
  4. The eyebrows and thighs "The impression is up to the impression that we are ready."
  5. "Clean and clean, clean and clean."
  6. The cheeks, the flowers, the ears, the head, and the eyells, ' shaving, and the skin looks bright. '
  7. The underfoot of the collar, "Kanegae" (the main reason for the cause)

And I heard a little bit more about it.

"There are many types of skin, so I can't tell you very much, but I hope the winter will be well humid in the summer, even in the summer," he said. "I hope that you will be able to make yourself humidify in the summer season, including on cosmetics."

greasy shrimp
A strong cleansing, which takes too much fat, breaks the barrier function and causes the dlipid gland to become bigger, and it becomes a blowout, hairhole, and a greasy skin.It may be counterproductive if you do a strong cleansing, because it is fat because it is fat.But different things are depending on the type of skin you have.(Kashiwazaki). '

It's more than a razor in the shaving way, isn't it?
"I don't care about the shaving,"You can see that the skin quality is different if you usually have a shaber or a wetshaving.(Tanaka) "

When the wetshaving is in the morning, it's been held in the morning and it's just NG.First, it is time to drink a glass of water and take a little time, but in the case of a dry cut in the electric shaber, the immediate situation is better suited to the case.and it may appear in different parts of the time.

Mage eyebrows
" When I look at the mirror, I'll look at the front and cut it.The truth is, the fact is that the person's face is less and less so than to speak.So it's better to take a look at a different angle.[Kashiwazaki] [[Kashiwazaki] [[Japan]] [[Tanaka]] [[Tanaka]] [[Tanaka]] [[Tanaka]] [[Tanaka]] [[Tanaka]] [[Tanaka]] [[Tanaka]] [

" The occupations, the clockwise, and the like are all about my eyes.When I look back at the train and in the opposite direction, I feel like I'm going to be shaved. (Laughter) (Laughs) (Laughs) "But I'm a little scared to take care of myself."What I can't reach is my arm's show of arms (Kashiwazaki)."If you take care of the barber, the old horny will be removed, and the new skin will come out.Shall I leave this place to professional?

Skin Arare
I am sensitive to my skin, so I am deeply troubled by skin.When you feel that the condition of your skin is changing every day, when you feel rough, you don't shave, you don't shave, and you just shave it from the cheek to the jaws, and you're going to put it on a ski lotion to address it.

" It's important, and I can't use the swammer to make a sharp-sharp-skin-sharp skin on the side of the woman's side.It makes sense to protect your skin before you shave, you know. Every day, I don't have to shave, so I don't have to worry about the other way. (Kashiwazaki)."

" If you're a holiday, you may not shave you.It may be a little bit of joligiull, but if you let your skin reset a little bit, you might have to have a shaving day off.But I'd like to have a barber's experience whenever I get to the shaving.
Pro shaving is not just shaving, it's got more depth (Tanaka)."

When you feel it is certainly rough, you will be able to use the holidays to improve your condition without shaving the beard.

The heige has the same hardness as the copper wire, and the edge of the jigge is shaved with a plauspily thin, thinly-tipped blade with more than a comma 000 or more.
And the old horny of the skin is shaved together, and the new mizarre skin is to be put out, but it is also a burden to the skin, which is too small because of the evolution of the technology, as well as the burden of the blade.

" I don't think it's a matter of great pleasure in the summer, but I don't know if the alcohol system is the cause of the alcohol-line, but I have something to do with the buetswats.If you don't want to do something like that, don't you think it's better to have a stimulus?"

"I think it's better to look at the trouble because it's too much skin," she said, " and I think it's better to see it.In particular, the strong season for ultraviolet rays is very careful (Tanaka)."

I'm grateful to you that you have always seen it.I'd like to have a long relationship with Camisoli and the Barber Room.

Let' s talk about the barber.

" Since there are many people who have been shinded in their own way or in memory, I think the first thing is to check the skin care method for the barber who is doing their shaving on a regular basis!(Kashiwa) "

"And we said," Is that it?If you think it's a bit rough today, don't you think?"I hope that I can get to the solution of some kind of skin trouble.(Tanaka) "

"Try to consult with your skin in the barber room, Kashiwazaki," he said.

I would be very grateful if I had noticed a change in the skin in the barber room I always go to.


Masatori TANAKA, a professional history teacher, nine years (the former is a hairdler)
Sumire HAIR
/Nagoya City

Shie KASHIZAKI (25 years in the background of Ryo's career)
Hare salon. /Yokohama City

Kashiwa Yasuko (Roryo Moro, 26 years)
Mon Hair: Relaxation /Kanazawa City