Female Barber's "Lady Barber's" that disseminates the barber from the woman's eyes. She is the advisor of the Kamisori Club. This time,I tried to meet Men's Skin Care to everyone in Lady Barber's.

First of all, from the basic knowledge of "Skin of Man".

The characteristics of men's skin in the first place

The skin of the face and necklace is thin, sensitive, and the sebaceous glands, which are glands that secrete sebums on the surface of the skin, are dense. This sebaceous gland is distributed throughout the body with a palm of a hand without pores and the back of the foot, but in particular there are many in the face and head (especially near the T zone), and it is said that it is 10 cm square hit per 800 square You will. Also, it is said that there is not much difference between this sebaceous glands.
So why male skin looks grilled greasy than women's skin?
This is because sebaceous gland activity is promoted by male hormones and is suppressed to female hormones.
In the case of men, there is no significant change in the secretion of male hormones from adolescence to 60 years of age, and more than women are secreted throughout life. Therefore, men's skin is a male fate that is greasy than women.

You can shave these extra sebums in shaving, but then to maintain this healthy refreshing condition, you need a later skin care so that the feline secrets a moderate amount of sebum. It is assumed that
On the other hand, it is also a survey that wet shaving is removed extra horny and it is easy to penetrate moisture. However,Men's skin has many aliquots than women and low moisture, so it is likely to be able to stick with women's skin care supplies that supplement alcohol.


Do you want to be anxious about male customers and skin?

It is like this that I'm worried about it (Tanaka)

  1. Dried "I want to moisturize"
  2. Flimy, acne "cleansing"
  3. Breaking up "Remove and clean"
  4. Ikumi Mitsu "I will improve the impression when adjusted"
  5. Sorpus "Clean up with cleanliness"
  6. Cheeks, small flowers, ears, neck, eyelids' s hairy hair and skin appear bright and bright
  7. Skin of the neck foot "Cause the cause"

I heard a little more deeply

"Because there are various types of skin, it can not be said in various ways, but if you are concerned about winter, I think it would be nice if the dryness is concerned in summer, and it is good to be moisturizing with lotion + milk, etc.

Lipproof, acne
The strong cleansing that takes too much fat is broken, the sebaric function is broken, the sebaceous gland becomes large, and the spray and pores will be open, and the skin of the pore and the skin of the pore.I think that it is lipositive and strong cleansing because it comes out of fat, so it may be a reverse effect. But it is different depending on the type of skin. (Amagasaki) "

It is more than electric shaver than those who are shaving in razors.
"You will be worried about shaving. You can usually see the skin quality that the electric shaver or wet shaving is usually different. (Tanaka)"

When wet shaving, it is NG immediately after getting up in the morning. First of all, it is the point to drink a cup of water and put a little time, but in the case of dry cuts in the electric shaver, it is better to get up and immediately. It may also appear in the difference.

· も
"When I see the mirror, I'll cut it and cut it. In fact, I'm going to talk to the front and talk to the front. So it's better to cut it from various angles. Amagasaki), "First, we are prepare and you can cut your hair yourself and shave yourself, it's easy to keep it (Tanaka)"

"Vocational patterns, earrings, etc. will be heard. At the time of backlight with a train, I want to shave it," I want to shave! "(Laughs) (Tanaka)" Even Care It is a bit scary to do. It is a point of view of our arms that I can not reach the hand (Amagasaki). If you get care carefully to the barber, the old keratin is removed and new skin comes out. Let's leave it to a professional?

Rough skin
Since I (Takeuchi) is a sensitive skin, rough skin is eternal trouble. When I feel that my skin condition changes, I feel that it is rough, I'm going to take care of my cheek from the cheek to the jaw, and I will cope with skin lotion only.

"It's important, it's not recommended to apply a sharp razor to the skin of a woman's position many times. It is reasonable to protect your skin and oil before shaving. It is good! I think that it is shaved to shine because it will grow daily, so it's shaving, so I think that the appearance from others will not be worried (Amagasaki) "

"If you don't shave if you holidays. You may be worried about Jorigi of a little bit, but if you want to reset your skin, you may need a huge holiday. But in a barber shop Please be sure to experience shaving.
Professional shaving is simply not only shaving bald but also more depth (Tanaka) "

Certainly when I felt it is rough, holidays take advantage of consecutive holidays to shave the beard and raise the condition and raise the condition.

Big is the same hardness as the copper wire, and the tip of the bald is a more thin razor blade of more than comma 000.
And the old horny skin of the skin is also shaved off, the new and fresh skin comes out, but it has a burden on the skin, even though the blade of the razor is also a burden, and the skin is also reducing the evolution of the technology.

"I think that the popular alcohol-based lotion and the feeling of exhilaration is not possible, but the boots are ahead of the alcohol, but there is something to do so. It is better to refrain from one (Sakai)

"I'm going to see that the skin is somewhat damaged because I'm going to get some things, so I'm going to refrain from the trouble. Especially, the strong season of UV rays is careful (Tanaka)"

Thank you for always looking at me. Barber rooms and barber chambers also want to have a long relationship.

Let's consult a barber

"Because there are many people who are self-flowing or thinking of sexuality, first, please check the skin care method to a barber that regularly shaving your own shaving! It is a start of skin care I think it is. (Sakai) "

When we think "we also" that? " I hope that something is about to solve your skin trouble. (Tanaka)"

"Please consult your skin with your skin in the bill of dips (Amagasaki)"

If you are aware of the skin's difference in the barber room you are always passing, it's great.


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