About the spare blade of razor

It seems that the blade of the razor was also used in the past (both blade) sharpening. A rustless sanitary spare blade of stainless steel use is now used in metallurgical development development. After that, we continue to progress in the development of comprehensive science and research of each manufacturer. SuchIt is a spare blade, but it is also necessary to replace it.

The cutting edge of the spare blade is about 1-inch thick thickness (750 sheets when the newspaper thickness is thick). The cutting edge is also composed of three aspects, and it is a sharp and durable cutting edge due to the grinding angle of rough grinding, minor grinding, fine grinding (cutting edge), and a hard metal called spacing ring on the cutting edge Coating a layer and has a further durability and welding the polymer coating and reduces the friction when shaving and shaving a blade, and the soft shaving taste and long run are simultaneously obtained.

However, it is impossible to put it as a scientific number if you can use it, and if it should change, but the manufacturer's recommendation is considered to be able to replace in a week.

The affected elements are as follows.

There are individual differences in beard

  1. Beard's density, thinness, hardness (20,000 to 25,000 bottles), thickness, thinness (0.1 to 0.3 mm as copper wire), the speed of growing (100 to 150 mm annually) is different depending on the person
  2. On average time to shave 1 minute to 4 minutes
  3. Number of times to shave the bearing 100 to 800 times

Preparation before shaving a beard

By practicing the following, the lifetime of the spare blade also changes.

  1. Wet the beard firmly
  2. Use soap and shaving cream form etc
  3. About 20 minutes for the morning water

Skin weak person · strong person

Those who are skin sensitive, those who are durable are each person. We recommend that you understand your skin firmly and care properly.

Daily physical condition

The feeling of that day is also large and influences the cut taste of the razor.

First of all, it is the largest factor that you want to check your own shaving taste and identify the lifetime of the blade.

In the case of the authors (Takeuchi), we are exchanging at a percentage of one approximately two weeks. Please refer to everyone, and I think you would be able to shave as long as the replacement blade has.

Blade razor

Safety razor of the Gillette debuted in 1900 and the world debuted. Japanese names are both blade, and it is also a rare razor. Blade razor that still exists even beyond the century is also an ancestor of safety razor. However, in recent years, production is discontinued even with a razor musker, and few manufacturers are producing some manufacturers.
Image razor is Schick Classic Double Edge Razor

The usage method is a safety razor, unlike the current razor, and it will be shaved while adjusting the skin and blade, so it also requires mature technology. The upper part of the razor is likely to be screwed and mounted so as to sandwich the blade of the razor, and the blade comes out therefrom, so it becomes a blade from both sides.

As advice on how to use, it would be nice to shave with a soft and softened moist and shave a lubricant such as soap. It is better to avoid using your skin when your skin is rough.

It is a guide for replacement blade, but it will be good for 10 days to 14 days. As a guide, please look as a guide because it is the view of the actual use of themselves.

Two pieces of blade razor

The two-piece history is a razor that shocked to men's men at the beginning of 1970. Before that, the two blades were mainstream, and there was no definition of deep shaving. It can be said that the razor's spare blade technology has advanced.

"Taking a beard with a single blade and shaving a beard left at that moment" is that it is a shave. According to the data that the abuse was issued in the past, it is likely to reduce it to return with a speed of 0.4 seconds when pulled the beard. When I imagined that the second razor is imagined that the second razor can not be taken off the second razor with the second razor, the second razor can not be shaved to shine the remaining beard instantly with the first light razor, the first shot of the first razor, and the two-blade razor feels goodness unique to traditional. It should be possible.

It is a gem that I would like to try the taste of razor and feel the taste of razor and the taste of razor who feels when it is a long-fashioned two-piece blade, this razor is a shave shave.

Although it is a guide for replacement blade, it is a guide that it is actually a view of the 14th to 21 days for one day, and it is actually used.

3 pieces blade razor

An evolved model from the chic protector 3D launched in 1998 to three blades. Safety Wire Guard with 3-piece blade The spare blade is movable at all angles. Since the part is movable, it tightly captures the shaved part. The safety wire guard protects damage such as horizontal slippage. The holder body is a design that uses rubber material to be familiar with fingers, and is a design that is excellent in ergonomics

This is an individual's view, but the head part of the razor moves so much so that it is easy. As it is a curved design compared to the current razor, I take a place.

It is a guide for replacement blade, but it is 10 days to 14 days for use once a day. As a guide, please look as a guide because it is the view of the actual use of themselves.

4 pieces & 5 pieces blade razor (Schick quatro series)

The spare blade is a World Manufacturer Schick Quatro 4, 5. The four-piece blade is equipped with a wire guard, and it is likely to damage the skin even if the razor is sliped next to it. I do not wear 5 sheets. Both it can be used in addition to it.

A trim cutter (blade) is wearing on the back of the blade, and it can be used to shave fine places such as eyebrows. It is a comment that comes from customers, but it can be used with confidence because the guard is wearing a guard, but it seems that the feeling of adhesion with the skin was felt floating because there is a guard on the spare blade. The blade seems to be in close contact with the skin because the 5-piece blade has no guard. There is goodness, so please refer to it.

It is a guide for replacement blade blade, but it is 10 days to 14 days. As a guide, please look as a guide because it is the view of the actual use of themselves.

5 pieces blade razor

Choose three gel pools (a lubricant that suits your skin's constitution and choice) at the top of the spare blade, and shave at the time of shaving, and at the same time, and at the same time the slipping of the moisture blade I will shave without burdening the skin as much as possible.

When the gel pool box at the top of the spare blade is movable and off, the upper part of the blade is cutter, and it can shave a beard, such as the nose.
HYDRO = Water Force Gel Box Includes moisture and gel melts and improves the skin and protected the skin.
This is the latest razor blade applying the power of "water"
Looking at the Kamisori Body, the upper part is divided into two parts. In the car, it will have a suspension and works up and down while detecting the skin's deco box and shave.Even if you have hit the skin unintentionally the skin, the razor will detect the burden on the skin and reduce the power while automatically relieving the power.

The back part of the spare blade can see the gap between the blade and the blade. The reason is designed to quickly range the bubbles and bubbles attached to the blade when shaving.

Although it is a guide for replacement blade, please consider as a guide because it is the view of the 7 days to 10 days for one use one day.



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