It is said that the blade of a kamisoli used to be used to sharpen (double-edged blades).The development of metallurgical technology now uses stainless hygiene hygiene blades for use with stainless steel.Subsequently, progress has been made in the development of comprehensive science and research by each company.No.The switch, but still requires a replacement.

However, it is not possible to issue a scientific number as a scientific number when it is possible to change or change the position of the manufacturer, but it is recommended that the manufacturer recommendation be made in a week.

The affected elements are described as follows:

Difference in the shaving of the beard

  1. The thickness of the beard, the thickness of the beard, the hardness (20,000 to 25,000), the thickness and the thin thickness (the same thickness is 0.1 to 0.3mm in the same thickness as the copper wire), and the speed (between 100 and 150 mm per year) is different depending on people.
  2. a shaving time of one shave, one to four minutes
  3. 100 to 800 beard times.

Pre-prep for shaving the beard.

By practicing the following, the lifespan of the substituted blade is also different.

  1. Wet the lizard tightly.
  2. use soap or shaving cream forms etc.
  3. It's about 20 minutes' best for morning water.

First of all, it is the best element to see your own shaving and the taste of the blade, and to identify the life of the blade to the top.

In the case of the author (Takeuchi), it is exchanged at a rate of once every two weeks.I hope that you will be able to use a longer shaving like a shaving that has a longer time of your reference.


The Girette, which debuted in the world in early 1900, was a safety carrot.In the name of Japan, it is called both edged sword, and is now a rare and scarlet soliseous.It is also the originator of the safety Camisoli, which still exists for more than a century.However, in recent years, production has been discontinued by the manufacturers of Kamisoli, and some manufacturers have been producing some production.

The method of use is different from that of a safe Kamisoli, so it is shaved by adjusting the skin and edges of the skin, so it also requires the technology of the aging year.The upper part of the kamisoli is made out of a nezzi expression, and the blade is attached to the edge of the blade, so the blade is made from the two sides, so the blade is a double-edged blade and a double blade.

As advice on how to use it, it would be nice to have a good grip on the jigge and shave it with a slip of water and other lubricants such as soap.You'd better avoid using your skin when your skin is rough.

The replacement bladesmay be10 days-14 days.As a matter of fact, consider yourself as an actual use of the view, so please consider yourself as a guide.

Cratchal shaving with cutting-edge skin care kit We've set a set of cutting-edge compassion-skin care for the cutting-edge skin from the world's Camisoli SCHICK in the classic shaving kit \12,960 -

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Look at the double-edged cumsory

Two-blade Kamisoli

The two-blade history is a kamisoli history which shocked the man of the world when it was produced in the early 1970s.Before that, there was no definition of shaving, with a single blade used as a single cutting edge.This is the beginning of the progressive start of the Kamisisoli technology.

It is only because ' a single blade has a blade and a shaving of the left beard is shaved. 'According to the data published by the company, it is likely to shrink at a speed of 0.4 seconds by 0.4 second.Imagine that the first kamiasoli, which was the first one in the first page, cut the beard from the moment when the second head of the beard was cut into a shave, and the two-blade turret would be able to feel good for the trajectomy.

It is an anecdote that I would like to feel the taste of Camisoli's Daigo flavor when I am a young man in the middle of the shaving time when I'm shaving, and I feel like I am shaved with two blades.

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Switched Switched Eye, but if you use it once a day,14 days to 21 days, so consider yourself as an actual use of your own view.

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Three blade soluli:

It was released in early 1990 with three blades.It is a razor that has evolved from a double-edged shaving.Three blades of microfin (which I think are made of rubber that makes it easy to shave and shave) are now attached to the three blades, and they can be shaved with two blades.From this time on, it has been adopted as a smooth display.There is a smooth switch of vitamin E contests in the upper part of the blades that are seen in blue (green?), and when this part is turned white, it is the replacement time of the switch.

This is a personal opinion, but I don't think it's going to be all right if I don't have to worry about it as soon as I have shaved it with chocolate chocolate and so on, so I don't think I'm going to be all right.If you want to shave from a more advanced shave, it's a supersepper's blade.

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The replacement blades, which are10 days-14 daysper day.As a matter of fact, consider yourself as an actual use of the view, so please consider yourself as a guide.

4-blade-edge - &5 blade Solid (SCHICK QUATRO Series)

The cutting blade is two kinds of explanation of scicke Quatro 4, 5 which is the world manufacturer, and it is equipped with the wire guard on the four blade, and does not damage the skin even if the razor is slipped sideways. It doesn't reach the five blade. Can be used according to your preference.

The blade of the blade is available on the back of the blade, and can be used when shaving, such as eyebrow and eyebrows. It is a comment from the visitor, but the four blade is able to be relieved because the guard has arrived, but there is a guard on the cutting edge, and the feeling of adhesion to the skin is thinned and it feels floating. It is said that the blade does not have a guard, and the blade adheres to the skin. Please have a good reference.

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Know what it is? Difference between 4 blade and 5 blade. Please don't mention the blade of the razor, please try your own skin with the Florence stand of Italy Firenze

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< H3 > five blade razor < / H3 >

Gillette hue developed five blades in early 2000. The razor has been able to disperse the pressure on the skin of one sheet by increasing the number of blades and blades. On the back side of the blade of the razor, a pinpoint trimmer is attached with one blade, and it is possible to shave easily, such as under the chin, nose, and moist. Gillette's razor is thinner than other blades, and the steel is pressed to increase the strength. Because it becomes a sharp cutting edge, the shaving taste is wonderful. However, the original blade is thin, but the replacement time of the cutting blade is also faster. If you want to keep the blade for long time, please give the water to the beard as much as possible, and it will soften the blade

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