Do you know "Shaved head"? It is a word that is not familiar with it, but it is a "skinhead" that says in Japan. ActuallyThe title "Shaved head" is common in the world. As the name implies, it means from the meaning of a hairstyle that shines his head.

Overseas, "I am a (head) skinhead," it means that it means that it is "the" antisocial "organization."

And there are many cases to make "shaved head" as an opportunity to "shave head", and as the last way, "shaving hair shave" is selected, but the hair that the hair missed naturally Is called "ball head".

Looking at overseas, black hair is black, white hair, and white hair is generally large, and the color of the color with skin and hair color is natural because there is little difference in color of skin and hair color. It's not so noticeable.

However, in the case of black hair on yellow skin like us, the difference between hair or missing places and other places will not stand out. You will need to shave the remaining hair.

In other words, "the act of shaving" is not "ball head", not a "shaved head", "shaved head".

Shaved head and hairwashing

Usually, sweat and sebum are slightly out of the scalp.

In the case of "Shaved head", since there is no hair through that sweat or sebum, dirt is likely to be accumulated in the scalp, and it can also be a cause to prevent metabolism.

The more you become a short hair, the worth of bubbles at the time of hair washing, and there are many cases where it is not enough to drop it enough, and if there are few bubbles due to splashes and dripping, soap remaining skin with the effect of lowering the stain. It is easy to cause the cause of

By using a dedicated brush, you can make a foam with a sufficient cleaning power, so you can bubble with a cup or palm and put it on the scalp.

Wash it with an image to massage the whole to draw a circle.

Shaving shaving shaving

First of allFirmly with a brush and massage the scalp with a brush.(※ We scrape sebum dirt filled with scalp with hard hair tip of hole bear brush)

After this, it steamed to wrap the scalp with a warm towel from the top of the bubbling.

Used in a barber roomThe substitute for "steam towel" can be made with a microwave oven in the waterTooth

Once you have light and wash (the scalp and hair contains water), you may want to enter a bubbling massage with the first brush.
Wipe off the scalp and wipe off the foam again, and it will be bubbled with a brush on the scalp (second time).

It is a shaving finally, but it will be shaved from top to bottom.

Make sure that you do not have shaving and hair due to earlings and hair flows and shave
(※ Depending on the location, even if it is from below)

When shaving is finished, it will lightly wash away with hot water or wipe it to massage with a new warm towel

Since the scalp is especially sensitive, it is basically not to apply after that. As it is a sensitive point, shaving for 2 to 3 days is the best.

Since the skin is dry in winter, we also recommend wearing a hat at the time of going out.


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2018 monthly residence October issue Correct shaving

We had a shaving method in razor and introduction of tools.
Small razor micro 5 holds it in the palm and shave to brush my head. Because the handle part is short, it is also a feature that it can be handled and easy to handle.



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