I think that it was 3 years of junior high school that I used razor. A shaving starting from junior high school students. At that time, the parent was a razor shop and there was a kind of rich razor. That's why I remembered that I could use it. How to shave the beard was watching in the back of the parent's backwards. I felt my first shiverbing cream scent.


And my son became a junior high school student, and I became worried about the beard of the mouth. Yes, shave is taught! I thought, I tried to lectures shaving.

First of all, shaving cream is pushew! And paint on the face.

It is good to bubble soap with hand and painted the face with hand, but I enjoy it as a ceremonial because it is an adult friend.

If it gets larger, it is a father who thinks about a classical shaving that starts with a bubble with a buckling brush.
Children seem to be a feeling of men's sole, and it is so refreshing! I was surprised

The hair growth around the mouth is dark, but when I look at it where the light is hit, there is a bristle for both cheeks and adult shaving as well as adult shaving. I will shave off with the weight of razor from the cheek

Kamisori choses two sheets. It is still because of the beard or still her face itself is still small, so the number of pieces is still good, and it is difficult to handle, and it is a thin two-shot blade.

As you can see in the picture, the recent razor has become thicker at the same time as the number of blades increases. So it is difficult to enter fine places such as below the nose, so it may be compensated by using trimers attached to the back side of the blade.

Young generations such as teenage use the left side of the left side (double-piece) of the left side (double-piece), and I think it would be better to rank up three, 4 pieces, and 5 pieces gradually.

SCHICK Super2 Plus, which is a two-piece model, is released in 1970 and is still sold. Although the blade does not move like a modern razor, the thickness of the blade is not thicker than 3, 4 and 5 sheets, so fine places can be shaved. And the price of the spare blade is cheap, so it is saved.

First of all, I used to be a fearful razor, but I was used to shivering the opposite side by myself
When the beard gets dark, I will shave (take a shave) and deepen it, but it's still a junior high school hair, so it's just going to go from the cheek to the throat from the jaw to the throat
Still, it is beautiful because it is easy to wear hair

Finally help me and end! If you ran up firmly, paint lotion and moisturize.If you feel that the skin has heat like a slight fire,It is recommended to use cold water at the end of the rinse. Tighten the skin and close the pores.

Note that after-skin lotion (alcoholicity) for men can be stimulated strongly and reduces red. At our house, I borrowed the lotion of Kami.


It is still thin that is thin = not hard time to get a shaved and sapped skin with the hair shelf that you are worried about using the disposable razor.

If you are gradually becoming a beard from about high school students, the spare blade type razor (recommended first is first, 2 sheets of blade) and the university student and the person to become a member of the skin and skin care will also be I think it is good to shave while keeping in mind.

Currently there are various razors Currently, the best best to try it and find the taste!Meet the razor = tool = gear each morning that suits you

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