The first time I used a razor was in junior high school, and I had a beard beginning in junior high school, and I had a lot of razor in the house because my parents were razor shops at the time. I remembered how I could use it, and I knew it because I saw the shaving of the toads beyond the back of my parents in the mirror, and I felt myself whose first scent of shaving cream became an adult.


Then, as if he were a middle school student, he was so excited that he was so excited that he could not teach him to shave his beard!

First, put shaving cream from the can and put it on your face.

Why do you want to foam soap with your hands and paint it on your face, but it is a ritual because you are an adult.

When you grow bigger, you think you have a clue shaving that starts with a bubble.
The child was surprised to see that Mensall's feeling of Susso was so exciting and sober!

The hairs around the mouth are thick, but when you look at the light, you have hairs around your cheeks, so you advise your adult's beard in the same way, and you shave and shave with the weight of the razor from your cheek.

The razor is a two-blade choice, a toad or still hair-producing, and the face itself is still small, so the number of pieces is thick and still unwieldy, and it is a two-blade blade with a thin thickness.

As you can see in the picture, the razor in recent years has become thicker as the number of blades increases, so it is difficult to get in the small places under the nose, so it may be supplemented by utilizing the trimmer attached to the back of the blade.

Young people, such as teenagers, use left-handed (two-blade) razors that are easy to retrieve, and gradually rank three, four, and five.

The SCHICK SUPER2 PLUS, which is a two-blade model, was launched in early 1970 and is a long-selling razor still sold. The blade does not move like a modern razor, but the thickness of the blade is not thick compared to the three, four, and five blades, so the finest places can be shaved to the kilray, and the price of the switch blade is cheap.

At first, I was filled with scary razors, but I was shaving the other side of the house.
When the toads are thick, they shave (reversed shaving) and shave deeply, but they are still middle school students' hairs, so they are finished by shaving (cheek to jaw to throat).
But the hair is shaved, so it is sapparily.

Finally help me with the fine spots! When you are laundry firmly, paint the lotion and moisturize it.If you feel that your skin has heat as it has been slightly lit by fire,It is recommended to use cold water at the end of the rinse; tighten the skin and close the pores.

Aftershave (alcohol) for men can be stimulated and red, so I borrowed Kami's cosmetic water at home.


When the beard is still thin = is not hard, let's use the disposable razor to get the skin that shaved and slapped with the hair that is worrisome.

If you become a little bit of a high school student, you can get a lot of money to become a college student and a socialite while experiencing a full-scale beard with a skeleton razor (the first is two blades) and shave your skin with skin care in mind.

There are various razors, and now it is the best to try and find a taste!Please find the razor-tool gear every morning that suits yourself