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Article: Shall we go to the hairdressing shop nearby with Respect for the Aged Day, grandfather?


Shall we go to the hairdressing shop nearby with Respect for the Aged Day, grandfather?

Shall we go to the hairdressing shop nearby with Respect for the Aged Day, grandfather?
Grandfather, grandmother, always thank you for being well.

I am refreshed with the feeling of の thanks together in a hairdressing shop, and how about looking?
I think that a splendid experience and the memory feeling nostalgic for slightly revive when I share comfortable time together.
I go to the feeling of new everyday thanks, the by all means hairdressing shop nearby, and, please do it.
It will be that comfortable space changes all of you into a smile.

Do you know it? Comfort of hairdressing shop (BARBER).

It was 僕事, but, in elementary school days, went to the neighboring hairdressing shop with a grandfather with father together.

When the small pattern becomes an adult while watching father, a grandfather shaving a mustache in the neighbor, a parenthesis is good! I thought of と.
As for the way back, the next, I want to do mustache taking the tonsure, too! I still learned that I made とお wish and experienced mustache taking the tonsure at time when I went really next.
Momentary feeling of throb and Waku Waku feeling that it is father, the imitation of the grandfather, but the chair of the hairdressing shop becomes flat.
I pour hot water into a deep part from a big machine (called the hot steamer so) warming the hot towel which the steam stands slightly in a white two levels-type mug cup in winter.
I attach a mustache brush in that and give a brush water
I wave soap powder in another shallow point and beat it with Shaka Shaka.
I beat a warm bubble in the whole face with a brush and begin to save a dirt (told by the senior of the mustache club that I said Rather ring by the barber term.) ) which is cool by some professional term

Give the whole so that the warm hot towel which warmed up does not block up the hole of the nose on a face gently next; 込見 ます.
If a face becomes warm gently, only a forehead part opens a towel, and bubble in a forehead part with the brush which beat some time ago again (Rather ring); ます.
※It is in condition that the brush which I beat some time ago because there is hot hot water in the deep layer of the cup was kept warm.
It may be said that this method is hospitality only in Japan.

Traditional シャキーン! It is スーッ with とした razor kindly. I shave it to a part on the eyebrows from the とおでこの top, and is it a blue sponge put in my upper chest? I drop the downy hair which I shaved in (I drop a mustache and the downy hair which I shaved with a razor here).
I remember that I was tense very much at first time. This is because it is merely the first experience not the strain that it is hit with a knife by
Of course the age that there is not the mustache, and has only a downy hair. The mustache taking the tonsure of the forehead is over and wipes it off with the towel of the thermal insulation state in accord with cheeks and beats it with a brush on cheeks and a chin part again.
It was so, but still really felt good with a brush!

That impression at the time of the primary schoolchild is in good health now.
Run under a chin from cheeks; and "スーッ" and the razor which slip.
Feeling of strain and comfort to feel the sense sensitively while closing eyes from beginning to end.
As for the fragrance of a warm hot towel that all is over and gets on on a face once again, there are gentleness and nostalgia.
Labelling it is an after-shave lotion.
This is ホームアローン.
It became bright red!
But it is a good memory; to adult called father, the grandfather longed.
It is natural beginning of 1980, to be different now in those days.

I evolve every day now that the skin care is enriched and supports quality of every skin.
There are many barbers of the woman in the hairdressing shop that the face sled (lady's shaving) toward the woman performs.
Do you not enjoy mustache taking the tonsure in families in the today neighboring hairdressing shop of the holiday?
Any people regardless of age or sex, comfort are priceless (リスペクト did CM of the credit card company)♪)

Hot towel photo courtesy hairdressing shop
Hair salon Eguchi
1, Higashifukuma, Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka 2-4-1F
(yeast Fukuma station garden 1F)

Store appearance hairdressing shop
NEST HAIR&RELAX nest hair and relaxation
1-11, Sengawacho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo