(Wonderful) The barber shop in the city of Tada makes the toebrush an interior of the store

How many years have you been with me?

Aoshima, owner of the barber shop TIARE in Shizuoka Prefecture.

There was only one call or email to meet with you.

But in a world that is convenient, it is always connected to the spread of SNS such as FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

It's really convenient.

Moreover, SNS is close to your friends, or you are close to your friends, who know how to spend holidays.

What the hell! Mr. TIARE, I'm here to love your toadbrush around the day.

The colors you order are Marble-colored white and standard black.

It's a very stylish production based on white and black.

And the interior is decorated with a smug rope.

Oh! What a beautiful,

It was reminiscent of bottle keeps such as BAR.

The number of toadbrushes that have already been used and have been turned into displays.

I feel a long history of stores in a number of books.

How many years ago? (Mr. Aoshima, I'm sorry.. m (_)m)

I remember when I was disturbed, so I remembered the cottage because the ceiling was high in a white-based wood-toned shop.

Check in the drone (I wanted a drone)

Tenryu 1052-2 in Shizuoka Prefecture
℡ 0538-37-1778