Do you not fix the appearance of the face in New Year holidays, a hairdressing shop?

Three days of New Year holidays are over, and do you not fix the appearance of the face in a hairdressing shop?

Refreshment toward tomorrow!

I went to the hairdressing shop with father and grandfather at the age of a primary schoolchild well in old days.

Was it custom? Of course I met a friend in a shop when I met suddenly.

I fix the appearance and make it dignified.
I think that tomorrow enjoys it when I make it dignified in the same way today after the New Year holidays.

Of course it, please enjoy the shave in the hairdressing shop to cut hair.

The hot towel warm warmly is time of the supreme bliss.
Shaving will be that the 剃 ることがでできない point shaves off a downy hair carefully in own as well as a mustache.

Refreshment to tomorrow!

Please fix the appearance of the skin in a hairdressing shop of the neighborhood.
It is sure that I make it dignified, thing?

I wait for the visit of all of you