Requests for your name have increased. There have been various things for about a year, and it's a job, so there are many! I tried to think positively.

Recently, requests for name entry have increased.
Or rather, it's a blog after a long time ...

I have been in various ways for about a year, but I can't write yet
It's a job, so there are many things!
I tried to think positively.

And the request for name entry has increased significantly when ordering on the site!
This is amazing.
Originally, the razor club will make a razor a gift! It started to start.

Create the site yourself first! At the time, there were many people who were named into the pen from the teacher who sold the fountain pen at the time, so why not try a razor? I got advice.

At that time, I remember that the name maker brought a razor with a scooter to Asakusabashi, where the name was entered.
It has been 20 years before, and now the name machine has become quite reasonable than at the time, and we have it.

At first it is a laser sculpture, so depending on the strength of the laser, the metal part makes the resin feel burnt, and on the contrary, I don't know the letters. did···)
Now it is a good finish because the strength of the laser can be understood by each product.
This is a grooming kit containing nail clippers and sacred rice.
If you are on a trip or work, you can use it as a family kit at home in your desk.


And my thoughts are that I have been working with department stores and specialty stores for a long time, and I thought that I would like to make men's glooming as a gift by accepting names at the store.
So the following hashtags! From now on, I will tag it to X (Twitter).

#I want to excite men's glooming with department stores!