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Article: How! Overseas customers came to the Inagi warehouse for overseas people. (Surprise)


How! Overseas customers came to the Inagi warehouse for overseas people. (Surprise)

Earlier, when there was a showroom in Tama Plaza, various customers, including overseas people, came.

Now that it is a warehouse, the customer and the supplier will come, but the customer is 0. 。 。 。

The old antique razor, such as the old antique razor, is on display in a prefabricated warehouse, but from the nearest station, Shin Yurigaoka Station on the Odakyu Line, 5 minutes from the stop station, walk from Shin Yurigaoka Station. It is on the hill of the minute. Yes, it's an inconvenient location.

I just could be proud of it,

1. The sky is wide!


2、Sugiyama Shrine!

It is said to be the most upstream shrine in the Sugiyama Shrine in the Tsurumi River basin in Kanagawa Prefecture. We have been teaching the shrine to get a new bill at the end of the year when we go to a new bill at the end of the year. A gentle speaker will warm your heart even in the cold.

We will take a picture later and upload it, we are very close to you.

3、There is an old private house built in 1843 nearby!
This is quite proud♩You can see it every other Wednesday, so you can see it once! I went there and explained my life at that time in detail, and I thought it was similar to the life of Eiichi Shibuzawa, an NHK Taiga drama, which I saw in the old days.

4、It is a quiet residential area!

By the way, I will return to the story and say it again, and it is quite difficult to choose our company as a destination, but the Netherlands who came to Japan today came from Tokyo! In addition, I saw our site and said that when I came to Japan, I wanted to go and buy it, so I was impressed and crying.
I'm not fluent, but I'm glad I could communicate in English! I thought.
I was so happy that I said, "Thank you. ] I provided a petit service with the feeling of.

A razor is a tool that warms the hearts of people around the world. It is today that I was told.
Greek customers who came to the store, I would be glad if you could come back to Japan again.
And if you have time, I would be grateful if you could come again.
I will give you more and more petit services♩

#I want to excite men's glooming with department stores.