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Article: Old Florence Collection from Filenze (Is it the motif of the Filenze emblem)

フィレンゼからOld Florence Collectionカミソリ(フィレンゼの紋章をモチーフにしているのかな)

Old Florence Collection from Filenze (Is it the motif of the Filenze emblem)

Introducing the gold color model of the OLD FRORENCE COLLECTION razor released as a new work in Italy in 2022.

It seemed to be a little misunderstanding with the material, and the pamphlet recently sent from Italy had an aluminum.
Oh, is the bass in brass (brass)? I will check again with Italy again.
By the way, this gold color razor.
Unlike the razor that has been handled so far, the surface is matte processing ...
Rough as shown in the picture, not slippery (the expression is suitable ...)
Overall photo of razors
First of all, the end part like an antique design and Florence
I feel like the motif of the following Filenze emblem is the motif.
And the color that has been used for many years and has the age of the year, and the sense of the craftsman who is constructed as if the corners that can be seen in the photos can be seen firmly are rubbed.
The texture is appropriate for the name of the OLD, the moderate weight, and the shaving comfort is good.
By changing the head of the razor by yourself, you can use both the latest 5 -blade gillet gills and the old -fashioned fixed two -blade, which is an old shaving taste, and a state -of -the -art shaving taste. You can experience it.
If you wish, we will also give your name.
It is also ideal for gifts

It is a sample engraved in kanji and hiragana
In addition, you can also engrave the English wrestling body, Roman letters, katakana, numbers, logo, etc.

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