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Article: I went to Ginza six with B Maru.

GINZA SIXにB丸さんと行ってきた。

I went to Ginza six with B Maru.

PLZA style, which is working ahead, opens to "Ginza six" at the 6th floor of commercial facility Ginza

So what happened this time! I also wanted to arrange the show of Mr. higaru Club leader B Maru and the razor show.

Naikan is the secret.

I don't have a photo, but I'm not open yet.

In a word, "quality adult space"

If you open it while looking at other merchandise while coordinating with Maruyama, buy this! It's amazing that you already have a shopping list in your head.

My eyes were absorbed in original goods with good sense

April 20 grand opening

Please drop in