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Article: I sell it at the T-SITE Tsutaya Bookstore, Kashiwa.

柏の葉T-SITE 蔦屋書店にて販売しております

I sell it at the T-SITE Tsutaya Bookstore, Kashiwa.

I'm always taking care of you, Tsutaya Bookstore (CCC representative), and I have been in touch with you
I was interested in making contact with the Kamisoli Club, because I was interested in contacting the person in charge.

So I thought, first of all, I would watch the store before.

I went down the Kashiwa Interchange of the Tokiwamichi Road, and was located about two minutes away!

No, no, Kirei!

The white building has a green and a low-level two-story building.

There was a pond in the house, and again, there was a high-rise apartment in Dorne!

Starbucks in Teppan in a graceful atmosphere.

Is this space really elegant?

I'm going to watch the store without any air.

" Yes?Is that?Do you have a Kamisoli club?"

And we're here to use our KENT and ANTICA wholesaler.

Ooh, I'm surprised and delighted to hear the fact that I have already sold it.

"Can you thank me for this, sir?"

You banzen yourself from here?

He graduated from Kashiwa no Tsutaya Shoten, so he was asked to buy a product from the club club, so he was a man.

Pleased to meet you, please.

is next to the 1F Megane store.