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Article: I sell it at the T-SITE Tsutaya Bookstore, Kashiwa.

柏の葉T-SITE 蔦屋書店にて販売しております

I sell it at the T-SITE Tsutaya Bookstore, Kashiwa.

I'm always taking care of you, Tsutaya Bookstore (CCC representative), and I have been in touch with you
I was interested in making contact with the Kamisoli Club, because I was interested in contacting the person in charge.

So I thought, first of all, I would watch the store before.

I went down the Kashiwa Interchange of the Tokiwamichi Road, and was located about two minutes away!

No, no, Kirei!

The white building has a green and a low-level two-story building.

There was a pond in the house, and again, there was a high-rise apartment in Dorne!

Starbucks in Teppan in a graceful atmosphere.

Is this space really elegant?

I'm going to watch the store without any air.

" Yes?Is that?Do you have a Kamisoli club?"

And we're here to use our KENT and ANTICA wholesaler.

Ooh, I'm surprised and delighted to hear the fact that I have already sold it.

"Can you thank me for this, sir?"

You banzen yourself from here?

He graduated from Kashiwa no Tsutaya Shoten, so he was asked to buy a product from the club club, so he was a man.

Pleased to meet you, please.

is next to the 1F Megane store.

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GINZA SIXにB丸さんと行ってきた。

I went to Ginza six with B Maru.

PLZA style, which is working ahead, opens to "Ginza six" at the 6th floor of commercial facility Ginza So what happened this time! I also wanted to arrange the show of Mr. higaru Club leader B Maru...

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2017 Year 4 month 14 day, edion Tsutaya home appliances opened

4/14 edion Tsutaya home appliances We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for expanding our products in the Chugoku region. And everyone, thank you. Razor club products are Dawn! The ...

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