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Article: 2017 Year 4 month 14 day, edion Tsutaya home appliances opened


2017 Year 4 month 14 day, edion Tsutaya home appliances opened

4/14 edion Tsutaya home appliances

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for expanding our products in the Chugoku region. And everyone, thank you. Razor club products are Dawn!

The innermost part of home appliances such as electric shaver.

It is beautifully displayed in a glass case with a custom-made back mirror.

Dressed like a gentleman in the morning, on the shelves are decorated with real items that can be used, such as a gentle three-piece suit and hat (produced by edion's representative).Thank you.)

In another place (near the entrance to the electric shaver), a razor and grooming kit are displayed in a glass case, and a shoehorn made of buffalo horn is displayed in the foreground.There are also scissors and nail clippers made in Gifu-no-Seki City, which is famous for the city of Kent and cutlery made in England that are not in the photo, but razor club handling.

There are many essential skincare products available, including the Italian ANTICA BARBERIA and the American traditional fragrance OLD SPICE, which dates back to the 1950s.Please try to experience the real pleasure of wet shaving by all means. Are you waiting for your visit? edion Tsutaya home appliances