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Article: 2017/04/20 G SIX #01017 PLAZA will be opened.

2017/04/20 G SIX #01017 PLAZAがOPENします

2017/04/20 G SIX #01017 PLAZA will be opened.

Today, on April 20, I was able to get to the Ginza 6-chome, a big commercial facility, GINZA SIX. He was on the fourth floor of the building,#0107PLAZAがOPENしますnew TASTE for an adult. I have a better relationship with PLAZA STYLE. We have a big product with this one, Doongo!

an Italian shave shaving made of deer tuna

The famous Ragju Riykin ' BARBERIA is the motif of the barber shop that is produced in Italian filenze.

Neireka is made in the city of Seki, Gifu Prefecture, which is famous for its cutting edge, and is known for its ear care.and the standard item KENT's comb in Gentleman's country.

We've been working on this product. We have produced the product.

Before we could shop, we asked the bookstore to come to the store with Higge Club Leader, Maruyama, and we asked them to come up with the idea of how to display the columns.

and how you put it in the way, how to show them, how to show them, ANTICABARBERIA, and so on. And if you can get them to look at them,

It was a great pleasure to have turned into a cotitherian in excess of the barber industry.

I'm an extension of the work I've been doing since a long time ago, but Mr. B Maru is a BARBER, a hairstyle, a hairstyle, a hegmy coordinator,

In fact, the last time we went to a store in another store, B Maru, and the members of the Higuer club, and the miso is a multipart club, and it's a very different club.and I was deeply impressed.

I'm going to try to make sure that we're good at guerming skin care, and we're going to be able to make it work for a variety of companies.

I'm going to leave you with#0107 PLAZA. If you're on your way to Ginza, please come in. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.